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Customized Pokeballs Boxes?


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Hello, I've been thinking this for a while now. What do you guys think about customized Pokeballs such as Rocket, Magma, Aqua and so on Pokeballs?

I thought about adding Boxes similar to the current Mystery Boxes where you could get 10-15 custom Pokeballs (of the same Pokeball).

They wouldn't have a higher catch rate or something like this. If you have better ideas how to add them I all ear, nothing is set in stone yet!

I am absolute not sure if that's something players actually want so please us your opinion. 


They could look like this or similar to it: 


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Maybe get them through special Boss fights or through PVE coins would be intresting aswell


Edit: Maybe a Boss for each Set of Balls like a Team Magma/Aqua boss or a Team Rocket boss...

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Id be for it, but also a feature with it to swap a pokemons current captured ball out for a different one. Shame if we got these cool designs and our old mons could never use them

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I'd love to see new balls. Though we have many at the moment (these are currently affect the catch rate) it would be great to see pokeballs like Mewtwo's from the 1st movie!

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I like the idea, though id much rather see you do something about the pc so we can organise aour boxes as we like etc id want pvp teams in box 1, synchs in box 2 and so on 

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