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Check ability of pokes (as pupitar/ferroseed)..


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There are a few pokes that have 2 or more ability on their final evolution. However on some of their pre evolutions it only show as 1 ability. However its currently not possible to know which exact ability the pokemon have until its evolved. Not knowing if its the ability you search can be annoying.  We are forced to evolve a pokemon early to see the ability.


Sometimes people also want to keep shiny unevolved. But are forced to evolve when they are trying to sell cause people want to know its final ability.


Some known examples are ferroseed (iron barbs) but it can still be h.a anticipatie. and pupitar (shed skinn) but can be either unnerve or sandstream evolved. Mabye there are others aswell.








I dont know if its possible to add something like this. But i would like to suggest to mabye add an NPC that allows us to check which ability the pokemon will have when on its final evolution.


This would benefit sellers, buyers and  hunters and collectors.


Thanks for taking this in consideration.


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