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  1. 06.30.2019 changes balance changes and additions Route 39 - All Pokemon now spawn "All Day" Four Island - Surskit now spawns "All Day" Cinnabar Mansion 3 - Charmander had a slight rarity adjustment Cinnabar Mansion 1, 2, 3 & B1F - All Pokemon had their levelrange adjusted (+10 accross the board) Petalburg Woods; Route 104, 116 & 2 - Taillow had a major rarity adjustment Mirage Island Cave - Added Lileep/Anorith during the Morning, Tyrunt/Amaura during the Day & Cranidos/Shieldon during the Night Mirage Island Cave - All Fossil Pokemon hold their Fossils at a 10% rate, up f
  2. What happened to Sneasels in mt.silver? I spent the whole night (game time) in mt.silver and caught 4 sneasels. Don't tell me it's bad luck, because clearly there are some spawn rate issues or changes to it. Can someone please explain this? Thank you
  3. Howdy folks! Have you ever been annoyed By Spam in Trade Chat Have you ever done spam yourself by mistake? Well today I bring you an Idea that will Stop Trade chat spam for good! There should be a 1 minute cool down to Comment again in trade chat BOOM! Many issues solved Issues from Novince Players who dont know that is not Ok to spam or got no clue that they are spamming, Veteran players who spam by mistake, Evildoers who spam on Porpuse, and also Limits Cruel Bad players who break the rules by commenting on the prices of other players in trade chat Ord
  4. I've found out that you can now buy small and big train tickets in department stores as stock items like MS or CCs. Also, via some in-game features you can receive them as rewards. How do you guys think of making em tradable, so that players can use them more fluently?
  5. Spawn dumps You can download the latest spawns here as CSV file. It will be updated every hour. Feel free to use them for guides, discord bot etc. https://pokemonrevolution.net/spawns/
  6. hi so i throw masterball by mistake on common pokemon and that suck so there is a chance to add some text box for regrats when clicking thr masterball?
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