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Make Excavation great again [An In-Depth Excavation Suggestion]


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- (Make sure to open the spoilers) -


Lets get straight to the point, Excavation Sites need an update.
The last big change to Excavation Sites was about 1 1/2 years ago, so the spawns and features have been very stale for quite some time already.


Now I know that scripters and other staff members are extremly busy and try their best to get out new content like events, megastone-quests and much more but I still want to put out this suggestion as Excavation Sites are a great PvE task you can do from time to time or even daily which makes the game much more enjoyable for a lot of players. I dont want Excavation Sites to be forgotten and since the question about new spawns etc. keeps getting repeated on every previous Q&A-Stream, this thread can also serve as some sort of a platform for everyone to share their ideas and opinions on this topic.

Maybe if all the megastone-quests are done there is some time to make some changes to the Excavation Sites.




staff team busy
changes to excavations can still be considered later




Credits for some provided ideas


PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Change Pokemon Spawns PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png


Straight to the most important thing regarding Excavation Sites, the Spawns.

The Spawns have not been changed for a long time and it is simply not fun nor rewarding to catch the same pokemon over and over again. Previous changes introduced outbreak- and event-exclusive pokemon which make certain pokemon very special and hard to obtain. Adding some of these to Excavation Sites would be a first step to make them very interesting and rewarding again while still keeping them balanced as there are only a limited number of spawns you can get daily. Events and Outbreaks which have these pokemon as spawns would still be special as you can hunt them actively on these.

Other pokemon got more attractive recently as well. With the introduction of their mega-evolution some previously ignored pokemon became relevant and most of these would make a very good addition to Excavation Sites. Another thing I want to suggest are pokemon which are exclusive to Excavation Sites like new Gen7 pokemon, as this would raise them to another level of interest.



Spawn Suggestions:

- outbreak- and event-exclusive pokemon
- pokemon with mega-evolutions
- pokemon exclusive to Excavation Sites (like new Gen7 pokemon)


PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Balancing the Spawns PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png


I dont know exactly how the spaw-mechanics etc. work but I tried to suggest the spawns in a way to make them somewhat balanced while keeping the theme of the different Excavation Sites. However the suggested changes are obviously not perfect and probably need more in-depth balancing. I would suggest to keep/add very good and exclusive spawns to the Excavation Sites and to balance the cooldown or the entry-costs instead. By increasing the cooldown or the entry-costs instead of the actual spawns Excavation Sites will feel exciting and worth while doing them.




Tried to suggest balanced, fitting spawns but not perfect
Keep/Add good, exclusive spawns and increase cooldown/entry-costs instead for potential balancing instead


PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Spawn Change Suggestions PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png

(Note: These are just examples to give some ideas for spawn changes, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments)


Credits for some ideas on the spawn changes and source for provided data



v0g5Z.png Feral Site v0g5Z.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_058.png Growlithe -> Pokémon-Icon 019a.png Rattata-Alolan

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_037.png Vulpix -> Pokémon-Icon 322.png Numel


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_104.png Cubone -> Pokémon-Icon 551.png Sandile

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_324.png Torkoal -> Pokémon-Icon 228.png Houndour


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_359.png Absol

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_554.png Darumaka -> Pokémon-Icon 661.png Fletchling



Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_633.png Deino -> Pokémon-Icon 088a.png Grimer-Alolan

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_624.png Pawniard -> Pokémon-Icon 757.png Salandit / Pokémon-Icon 004.png Charmander



Nd357.png Historical Site Nd357.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_066.png Machop -> Pokémon-Icon 296.png Makuhita

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_231.png Phanpy


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_343.png Baltoy -> Pokémon-Icon 050a.png Diglett Alolan

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_214.png Heracross


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_453.png Croagunk -> Pokémon-Icon 427.png Buneary

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_559.png Scraggy -> Pokémon-Icon 619.png Mienfoo


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_701.png Hawlucha -> Pokémon-Icon 532.png Timburr

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_447.png Riolu -> Pokémon-Icon 759.png Stufful / Pokémon-Icon 307.png Meditie



DpG3j.png Haunted Site DpG3j.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_092.png Gastly

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_200.png Misdreavous -> Pokémon-Icon 425.png Drifloon


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_355.png Duskull -> Pokémon-Icon 708.png Phantump

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_353.png Shuppet -> Pokémon-Icon 769.png Sandygast


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_302.png Sableye

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_562.png Yamask -> Pokémon-Icon 105a.png Marowak-Alolan


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_479.png Rotom

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_679.png Honedge -> Pokémon-Icon 778.png Mimikyu



X95jq.png Mineral Site X95jq.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_436.png Bronzor -> Pokémon-Icon 081.png Magnemite / Pokémon-Icon 111.png Rhyhorn

Onix iconOnix -> Pokémon-Icon 074a.png Geodude-Alolan


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_337.png Lunatone -> Pokémon-Icon 564.png Tirtouga

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_338.png Solrock -> Pokémon-Icon 566.png Archen



Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_374.png Beldum

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_304.png Aron


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_529.png Drilbur -> Pokémon-Icon 744.png Rockruff

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_246.png Larvitar -> Pokémon-Icon 777.png Togedemaru / Pokémon-Icon 303.png Mawile



3x5bb.png Glacial Site 3x5bb.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_220.png Swinub

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_361.png Snorunt


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_458.png Mantyke -> Pokémon-Icon 582.png Vanillite

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_090.png Shellder -> Pokémon-Icon 613.png Cubchoo


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_712.png Bergmite -> Pokémon-Icon 027a.png Sandshrew-Alolan

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_215.png Sneasel -> Pokémon-Icon 459.png Snover


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_341.png Corphish -> Pokémon-Icon 037a.png Vulpix-Alolan

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_393.png Piplup -> Pokémon-Icon 740.png Crabominable / Pokémon-Icon 746.png Wishiwashi / Pokémon-Icon 007.png Squirtle



rEOLe.png Natural Site rEOLe.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_114.png Tangela

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_415.png Combee -> Pokémon-Icon 204.png Pineco


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_406.png Budew -> Pokémon-Icon 123.png Scyther

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_412.png Burmy -> Pokémon-Icon 127.png Pinsir


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_588.png Karrablast -> Pokémon-Icon 103a.png Exeggutor-Alolan

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_285.png Shroomish -> Pokémon-Icon 781.png Dhelmise


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_543.png Venipede -> Pokémon-Icon 001.png Bulbasaur

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_597.png Ferroseed -> Pokémon-Icon 762.png Steenee / Pokémon-Icon 590.png Foongus



vbvl9.png Wondrous Site vbvl9.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_209.png Snubbull -> Pokémon-Icon 039.png Jigglypuff

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_035.png Clefairy


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_183.png Marill -> Pokémon-Icon 702.png Dedenne

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_325.png Spoink -> Pokémon-Icon 684.png Swirlix


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_669.png Flabébé -> Pokémon-Icon 175.png Togepi / Pokémon-Icon 531.png Audino

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_561.pngSigilyph -> Pokémon-Icon 333.png Swablu


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_707.png Klefki -> Pokémon-Icon 742.png Cutiefly

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_137.png Porygon -> Pokémon-Icon 764.png Comfey / Pokémon-Icon 280.png Ralts



PinkNotSoPinkRock.png Briny Site PinkNotSoPinkRock.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_418.png Buizel -> Pokémon-Icon 194.png Wooper

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_079.png Slowpoke


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_318.png Carvanha -> Pokémon-Icon 120.png Staryu



Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_349.png Feebas -> Pokémon-Icon 592.png Frillish

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_422.png Shellos -> Pokémon-Icon 535.png Tympole


Requirements: 4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_594.png Alomomola -> Pokémon-Icon 747.png Mareanie (pls?) / Pokémon-Icon 656.png Froakie

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_258.png Mudkip



PROClient_2019-09-22_17-00-08.png Draconic Site PROClient_2019-09-22_17-00-08.png



Requirements: 0 discoveries

Rarity: Common

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_116.png Horsea

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_111.png Rhyhorn -> Pokémon-Icon 179.png Mareep


Requirements: 1000 discoveries

Rarity: Uncommon

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_328.png Trapinch

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_690.png Skrelp


Requirements: 2000 discoveries

Rarity: Rare

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_704.png Goomy -> Pokémon-Icon 610.png Axew

Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_714.png Noibat -> Pokémon-Icon 371.png Bagon


Requirements: +4000 discoveries

Rarity: Super Rare

Pokémon-Icon 147.png Dratini -> Pokémon-Icon 780.png Drampa / Pokémon-Icon 776.png Turtonator

Pokémon-Icon 443.pngGible -> Pokémon-Icon 782.png Jangmo-o



Itemicon_Helixfossil.png Changes to available items revivalherb.png



Requirements for Fossils: 4000 discoveries

Itemicon_Helixfossil.png Helix Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_138.png Omanyte

Itemicon_Domfossil.png Dome Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_140.png Kabuto

Itemicon_Altbernstein.png Old Amber - 142.png Aerodactyl


Itemicon_Wurzelfossil.png Root Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_345.png Lileep

Itemicon_Klauenfossil.png Claw Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_347.png Anorith


Itemicon_Kopffossil.png Skull Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_408.png Cranidos

Itemicon_Panzerfossil.png Armor Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_410.png Shieldon


Itemicon_Flossenfossil.png Sail Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_698.png Amaura

Itemicon_Kieferfossil.png Jaw Fossil - Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_696.png Tyrunt


revivalherb.png Revival Herb (1000+ Discoveries only)

healpowder.png Heal Powder -> Protein Random Vitamins

energypowder.png Energy Powder -> Protein Random Vitamins

Feral Site Itemicon_Kampfknochen.png Rare Bone -> nugget.png Nugget

Historical Site nugget.pngNugget

Haunted Site tinymushroom.pngTiny Mushroom -> nugget.png Nugget

Mineral Site stardust.png Stardust -> nugget.png Nugget

Glacial Site pearl.pngPearl -> nugget.png Nugget

Natural Site bigmushroom.png Big Mushroom -> nugget.png Nugget

Wondrous Site starpiece.png Star Piece -> nugget.png Nugget

Briny Site bigpearl.png Big Pearl -> nugget.png Nugget

Draconic Site bignugget.png Big Nugget



First of all Fossils fit well into Excavation Sites and can even be synched with an NPC in the Historical Site. Revival Herbs are always useful for rather new players and can still be useful to more advanced players as they can be used on quests, events, leveling pokemon etc. While Heal and Energy Powder may be useful to a certain extend to newer players, they feel like a waste for most of the playerbase after a while. I would suggest to change them to items which are pretty much always needed and useful like Vitamins (Protein, Iron, HP Up etc.) or make Heal and Energy Powder exchangable for Artifact pieces.




I think the previous change which added different rare items (Rare Bone, Nuggets, Pearls etc.) in the different Excavation Sites was not thought through well enough as less-valuable items are more common and make it harder to encounter pokemon because of that while valuable items are too rare to have an impact. Therefor less-valuable items should be removed and replaced with more valuable items. That way its less likely to find items and more likely to actually encounter rare pokemon. Since the different items seem to have different drop-rates I suggest to replace all items with the same item for every Excavation Site to make it more balanced. Replacing all the items with a Nugget seems to make the most sense as it has a decent value and is not found too often which makes it more likely to encounter a pokemon. The chance for a Big Nugget should be increased as its near impossible to find it (I personally found only one while increasing my Excavation Rank from 10.000 to 36.000+). This makes achieving an Excavation Rank of 10.000 to unlock the Draconic Site and that particular Excavation Site less worth and that is a clear balance-issue in my opinion.

To give some further insight regarding this, @JustLegend did some research on Excavation Sites some time ago. The data he collected shows that 47 Tiny Mushrooms and 0 Big Nuggets were found after 28 days of doing every Excavation Site. Because of this it is somewhat harder to encounter pokemon in the Haunted Site which is another balance-issue. Make sure to check out his thread for more in-depth data regarding Excavation Sites.




Credits for provided data




Fossils fit well into Excavation Sites
Revival Herb useful to most players
Heal/Energy Powder useless after some time -> change to random Vitamins
Rare items need re-balancing -> replace all items with Nuggets

Increase chance for Big Nugget


image.png.4c2f6759439702f9681f4df064bce96a.png Changes to Artifact Pieces Store image.png.65b3e61f1eee06e3e2f5e972c76a14f6.png



Itemicon_Wurzelfossil.png3xw1m.png Root Fossil (100)

Itemicon_Klauenfossil.png347.png Claw Fossil (100)

Itemicon_Altbernstein.png142.png Old Amber (200)

Itemicon_Flossenfossil.png698.png Sail Fossil (350) -> (200)

Itemicon_Kieferfossil.png696.png Jaw Fossil (350) -> (200)

qWgpJ.png408.png Skull Fossil (500) -> (350)

DpGaj.png410.png Armor Fossil (500) -> (350)

Itemicon_Helixfossil.png  Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_138.png Omanyte -> (100)

Itemicon_Domfossil.png Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_140.png Kabuto -> (100)



Itemicon_Protein.png → Protein (7) -> (6)

Itemicon_Kalzium.png → Calcium (7) -> (6)

Itemicon_Carbon.png → Carbos (7) -> (6)

Itemicon_AP-Plus.png → PP Up (7) -> (6)

Itemicon_Eisen.png → Iron (7) -> (6)

Itemicon_Zink.png → Zinc (7) -> (6)

Itemicon_KP-Plus.png → HP Up (7) -> (6)



Itemicon_Fokusgurt.png → Focus Sash (6)

airballoon.png → Air balloon (6)

1573076925130.png.85dfe7a5f77723789dfffed339410caf.png → Weakness Policy (6)

1573076970672.png.3ce540dbad3534cd843beaffdb221ec6.png → Mental Herb (5)

1573077007260.png.accaef1e88efd04be74ca4c73ab7d7f5.png → Power Herb (5)

1573077043410.png.5d464aa5c3635c0a2e8e4dc341c1f0bd.png → White Herb (5)

Master Ball.png -> Master Ball (150)

Nature Reroll Ticket.png -> Nature Reroll Ticket (1.350)

Reroll Ticket.png -> Reroll Ticket (2.250)


Battle Items:

1573077261931.png.a36314a78f23f2c2f2b590179c55f065.png → Smooth rock (250) -> (10)

1573077272049.png.2ab477f4a796423b17bbe82cf574a483.png → Heat Rock (250) -> (10)

1573077291543.png.aa5ab8613fc4735a63517e434d0199bb.png → Icy Rock (250) -> (10)

1573077303456.png.b9b066a874d4fad42cb308f7f8e712b7.png → Damp Rock (250) -> (10)

1573077317741.png.5ebdcfaf8f7efd162832a91829f1dae7.png → Eviolite (300) -> (15)

1573077341494.png.53acfe9c43e3ce30e8aacc8376d32113.png → Safety Goggles (500) -> (300)

1573077355619.png.f78f54d26d3864663e7f7584d8de3463.png → Rocky Helmet (500) -> (300)

1573077364346.png.009ccaefdfcd469734d6ff1a65461a0b.png → Assault Vest (500) -> (300)


TM Moves:

1573077931234.png.b28ef20de380642889afe7dee9f0db2e.png → TM28 - Dig (50) -> (15)

1Aexo.png → TM26 - Earthquake (75) -> (20)

j1n4v.png → TM69 - Roost (75) -> (20)

TM-Psychic.png → TM53 - Psyshock (50) -> (10)

1573078031655.png.d13ebcecc1c32ef6741af96bd8e37600.png → TM75 - Swords Dance (100) -> (15)

1573078075542.png.27a27588ce94023c2d8ddb21f32482af.png → TM48 - Rock Slide (50) -> (10)

image.png.906a24c603d03ff52f4924c714cc9d83.png TM50 - Substitute -> (30)



1573076697007.png.45ff5d74c0848e5c0fc70bed5e7efe82.png → Ice Gem (30) -> (12)

1573076687241.png.cfcee5dae0f031c460ab6dffe5dcacca.png → Electric Gem (30) -> (12)

1573076661317.png.1d5d03a856f281b5f14d1545e3345085.png → Fire Gem (30) -> (12)

1573076719704.png.f18f68afa4e1940c08c3c7e630d10c57.png → Ground Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076767548.png.150114a03b981b12fc0e04a348870366.png → Dragon Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076804106.png.d8f9caebee05e6ba02fc04f5a94c107d.png → Fairy Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076736696.png.e23245a5a4cfe205d6ac4ff6c0fbe800.png → Flying Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076763317.png.120874bcf817043b18523e7d05ce8d8e.png → Ghost Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076757799.png.6554f9fcc6bbc9630fff18f99a9cb99e.png → Rock Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076714151.png.5caa2c728b5b3fcd280a87fb89472018.png → Poison Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076752274.png.56ef09499b88676aca2d209601829883.png → Bug Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076708058.png.22cb563ddaeea488ec0a5f1442110b31.png → Fighting Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076794505.png.11f6b4c0b97e3b534fa9dc78654c9bc9.png → Normal Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076692579.png.010c1f282a173edaf49b9ed24468b762.png → Grass Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076746036.png.6e88b51c9fcbf3d44844690fa0e21da0.png → Psychic Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076782502.png.bf44dc1a50f7767d734e52e1fde5bab3.png → Steel Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076775202.png.62585ef2d6cd35c8810567d50517a2d7.png → Dark Gem (10) -> (6)

1573076673335.png.6df41687ee36bc36855a284e46e84f56.png → Water Gem (10) -> (6)


Evolution Items:

1573077667042.png.e0d8efedd6b3f950c50abb8216129d31.png → Protector (50)

1573077675969.png.bdf43749b1c1e08acff31e8d324ce5bb.png → Reaper Cloth (50)

1573077685370.png.008cd331015ccdb2d881642c8a581874.png → Razor Fang (50)

1573077694799.png.f6380866e6cf817b64bf966561fc0f47.png → Razor Claw (50)

1573077704508.png.e485fb1e178f91d3536b8366a1624e7a.png → Sachet (500) -> (250)

1573077717997.png.4970d1d375681aa18a6fe2a9bc0ad33a.png → Whipped Dream (500) -> (250)

1573077732723.png.348ed69c328540ca27ea0beb31013e80.png → UpGrade (500) -> (50)

1573077742606.png.b088d0f786c2a6e72fd7f886e1bceaaf.png → Dubious Disc (500) -> (50)


Damage-reducing Berries:

Shuca Berry.png → Shuca Berry (10) -> (6)

Chople Berry.png → Chople Berry (10) -> (6)

Passho Berry.png → Passho Berry (10 )-> (6)

Occa Berry.png → Occa Berry (10) -> (6)

Yache Berry.png → Yache Berry (10) -> (6)


Stat-modifyng Berries:

Salac Berry.png Salac Berry -> (6)

Apicot Berry.png Apicot Berry -> (6)

Ganlon Berry.png Ganlon Berry -> (6)

Lansat Berry.png Lansat Berry -> (6)

Liechi Berry.png Liechi Berry -> (6)

Micle Berry.png Micle Berry -> (6)

Petaya Berry.png Petaya Berry -> (6)

Starf Berry.png Starf Berry -> (6)


Mega Stones:

Aggronite.png→ Aggronite (1000) -> (600)

Steelixite.png→ Steelixite (1000) -> (600)


Exclusive Cosmetic Items

Shoutout to @dangarangs for the idea and some examples.


Pickaxe.png Pickaxe back item

Shovel.png Shovel back item

Pokémon-Icon 140.png Kabuto Hat

Pokémon-Icon 138.png Omanyte Hat

3xw1m.pngLileep Hat

1573077355619.png.f78f54d26d3864663e7f7584d8de3463.png Rocky Helmet Hat

Pokémon-Icon 697.png Tyrantrum Mount

Pokémon-Icon 411.png Bastiodon Mount

Rampardos Rampardos Mount

A Mine Car Mount

https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/4/48/Spr_HGSS_Pok%C3%A9_Maniac.pngDino Outfit

File:Spr DP Byron.pngExcavation Coat back item


For most of the time my personal experience with the Artifact Pieces shop has been that I would only buy Focus Sashes as these are the most valuable items you can get and they are rather easy to sell. Most other items are not worth their price, are not needed or have other sources you can get them from easily. To give Artifact Pieces a better use I suggest to lower some prices in a balanced way to make it worth buying other items than focus sashes and a few other items.


Balancing prices and available items is not easy by any means but I tried to come up with fair prices based on a calculation. To understand the suggested Artifact Pieces prices and that calculation you need to know some numbers. For a full Excavation Site run we end up with an average of 64 Artifact pieces (I used 60 for cleaner calculations) and a Focus Sash costs 6 Artifact pieces and sells for about 2.000 - 2.500 Pokedollar (I used 2.000 Pokedollar for the calcuation). Buying 10 Focus Sashes for 60 Artifact Pieces and selling them for 2.000 Pokedollar each leads to a daily profit of 20.000 pokedollars.


Example of the calcuation based on a Reroll Ticket:


Reroll Ticket.png -> Reroll Ticket (2.250) -> 750.000 / 20.000 = 37.5 -> 37.5 x 60 = 2.250

Reroll Ticket.png -> Reroll Ticket (2.250) -> 750.000 (Current average price of a Reroll Ticket) / 20.000 (daily profit from selling Focus Sashes) = 37.5 (days to purchase a Reroll Ticket from another player if selling the Focus Sashes daily) -> 37.5 x 60 (Artifact Pieces gained daily from a full Excavation Sites run) = 2.250 (price of a Reroll Ticket in Artifact Pieces)


The goal is to end up with item prices which are somewhat balanced in a way that makes the items worth buying instead of selling the Focus Sashes and buying the desired items from another source.


Itemicon_Helixfossil.png Fossils:
I dont know why Omanytes and Kabutos Fossils are not available yet but I would suggest to add them as they are the only missing Fossils. I think the prices for Fossils are too expensive overall but I did not change them too much since I dont know if there is some in-depth balancing behind that and the fact that they are untradable.


Itemicon_Protein.png Vitamins:

Adjusted the prices so you are able to buy 10 Vitamins after a full Excavation Sites run.


Itemicon_Fokusgurt.png Consumables:

Adding certain items like Reroll Tickets to the Artifact Pieces Shop makes Excavation Sites even more lucrative. However I did not suggest more random items to keep the theme of the Excavation Sites alive for the most part but I think Reroll Tickets can be a very good addition as they serve as a more or less long-term-goal players can work for.


1573077355619.png.f78f54d26d3864663e7f7584d8de3463.png Battle Items:

Adjusted the prices based on the explained calculation. I did not suggest additional items as the already existing ones fit the Excavation Sites them perfectly well.


image.png.906a24c603d03ff52f4924c714cc9d83.png TM Moves:

Adjusted the prices based on the explained calculation and added the TM for Substitute since it is only available in Trainers Valley so far.


1573076697007.png.45ff5d74c0848e5c0fc70bed5e7efe82.png Gems:

Adjusted the prices so you are able to buy 10 Gems after a full Excavation Sites run. It could be considered to lower the prices even further given the Gems cheap price in Pokedollars and easy obtainability on dig spots but they can be used on the Recycle NPC as well which could possibly lead to imbalanced results.


1573077667042.png.e0d8efedd6b3f950c50abb8216129d31.png Evolution Items:

Adjusted the prices based on the explained calculation.


Salac Berry.png Damage-reducing Berries:

Adjusted the prices so you are able to buy 10 Berries after a full Excavation Sites run. Since stat-modifying berries like the Salac berry are still rather hard to come by I think they would create great interest towards the Excavaton Sites.


Aggronite.png Mega Stones:

Since obtaining 1.000 Artifact Pieces to purchase a megastone takes over 2 weeks of full Excavation Site runs and megastone-quests usually do not take longer than a 1-2 days at most for the majority of the playerbase I would suggest to lower the price a little bit to 600. While I think adding megastones exclusive to Excavation Sites is a good way to make them interesting again it should be considered that some players do not like to do Excavation Sites as well. I think lowering the price from 1.000 to 600 Artifact Pieces would be a good change which could motivate some players to do more Excavation Sites again. Obviously players who already bought the megastones for the original price of 1.000 Artifact Pieces would need to get compensated with the extra Artifact Pieces.


Exclusive Cosmetic Items

Shoutout to @dangarangs for the idea and some examples.


Adding Cosmetics and Mounts exclusive to Excavation Sites would make them a lot more interesting for not only advanced but for newer players as well. These items would give players another long-term goal depending on the price. It could be considered to make some Cosmetics and Mounts unlockable after reaching a certain Excavation Rank which would give the Excavation Rank another purpose after reaching the 10.000 mark to unlock the Draconic Site. The prices of these exclusive items would come down to the fact if they are tradable or not.




Adjust prices based on a (imo) logic calculation
Add Omanytes and Kabutos Fossils
Add Reroll Tickets

Add TM for Substitute
Add stat-modifying berries like Salac berry
Lower prices of Megastones
Add exclusive Cosmetics and Mounts




PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Option to see available Excavation Site Spawns PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png


While I know its possible to check an Excavation Sites Spawns using the Reborn Bot I still think it would be a great addition for some players to know which pokemon are obtainable on the different Excavation Sites.

It would be very useful to know which synchronize should be used especially. Since I dont know if its possible to add the spawns on the drop-menu on the top-left this could be done by wandering pokemon, NPCs giving hints on dialogues, signs which explain pokemon sightings etc. instead.


PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Artifact Pieces to spawn rare pokemon PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png


I think the option to spawn certain pokemon available on the Excavation Sites would be a great addition. Once again it could be considered to make some pokemon unlockable after reaching a certain Excavation Rank which would give the Excavation Rank another purpose after reaching the 10.000 mark to unlock the Draconic Site. It could be done similar to the already existing system to spawn pokemon for PvE Coins. A changing pool of rare pokemon available in Excavation Sites which can be spawned for Artifact Pieces at an NPC.


PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Additional Excavation Rank Rewards PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png


Currently the highest Excavation tier is Tomb Raider at 8.000+ discoveries and the 10.000 mark is the last useful rank since it unlocks the Draconic Site. I would suggest to award players for every additional 1.000 discoveries to give them another goal to grind for after achieving the 10.000 mark. It probably would make the most sense to reward players with a certain amount of Artifact Pieces.

In addition players could unlock exclusive Cosmetics/Mounts and rare pokemon spawns for Artifact Pieces as mentioned earlier.


PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png Changes to Shiny Rocks PinkNotAtAllPinkRock.png


I think Shiny Rocks should always have a pokemon instead of a chance for an item or even nothing. Getting a shiny out of Excavation Sites is already extremly rare and getting an item or nothing out of them is just frustrating and does not feel rewarding at all. I personally have gotten one shiny at 60.000+ Excavation Rank to give some further insights.




I am well aware that not all of the suggested changes have a chance to get added to the game but I hope that at least some of these ideas will be considered and added in the future to improve the Excavation Sites again. Please feel free to share your own ideas and suggestions on this thread in the comments as well. Also dont hesitate to provide feedback on this suggestions, what do you like, what dont you like?

I am looking forward to see Excavation Sites being interesting and exciting again.




Edited by Norex
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i love these ideas but, i think they should add elementals gems more on excavations as well as adding some random elementals plates there like same way to sinnoh excavation on dppt. its shouldnt be healing items on excavations that part id say quite stupid. come to think of it deeply buried healing items yet your gonna consume it lol. also can we get a chance to meet a magearna on historical site with the required exca points of 15k or more(this way we encourage people to focus on doing exca daily)

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17 minutes ago, Norex said:

Rare items need re-balancing -> replace all items with Nuggets

Personally Having Items all the same instead of having them correspond with the site would just feel very bland


17 minutes ago, Norex said:

Wondrous Site

This site just seems unbalanced as 1 sync shouldn't be able to sync 6/7 available pokemon, and that without porygon in this site there would be no way to farm for one every day without doing a boss/quackjack.  Most of the spawn changes in these sites just seems overwelming tbh.  Some of the changes are good mind.  But most of them feel like change just for the sol purpose of adding farmable alola's/new pokemon (also making alolan geodude a common would prob make a lot of people mad as well)
I am remembering you did say you were no spawn expert but these will probably have to be changed in another way/add new spawns/maybe make a rotational excavation with a new alolan in one exca every week/3days or so. kinda like forest pit rotations.

-1 / +1 b/c i cant decide, as a hunter i love having new hunts but as a guy who loves his exclusive epics its just eh.


19 minutes ago, Norex said:

Changes to Shiny Rocks

+1 to this all the way, making them pokemon only is a great way to increase people doing excavatoins instead of letting them drop either nothing or a useless item.


35 minutes ago, Norex said:

Option to see available Excavation Site Spawns

I feel like this should already be in the game already, as there is really no point in hiding it since its public information for those who look for it.


36 minutes ago, Norex said:

Mega Stones:

Aggronite.png→ Aggronite (1000) -> (600)

Steelixite.png→ Steelixite (1000) -> (600)

As someone who owns both megastones i feel like there prices are completely fine since you have to grind for a long time to get the 100k excas anyway but if they do reduce the price i hope they compensate people who already bought them.


38 minutes ago, Norex said:

Example of the calcuation based on a Reroll Ticket:

adding these would probably already boost the player count in excavations tenfold impo it might need to be a little bit more expensive by a tiny bit but other than that +1


40 minutes ago, Norex said:

healpowder.png Heal Powder -> Protein Random Vitamins

energypowder.png Energy Powder -> Protein Random Vitamins

This i like and dislike, i like it since it speeds up ev training but dont like it since i actually use energy powder a lot for lvl up pokemon so i dont have to go back to a pc as often. if i had to i wouldnt change this.

as this is in my personal opinion i can tell you worked very hard on this suggestion and hope most this gets implemented  (dont flame me to hard)

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+1 from me overall. I think its all a bit too much tbh like your spawns are a bit too overpowered but in general very nice suggestions! My favorites are: reroll ticket obtainability, every 1000 points a reward, stat-modifying berries (way too hard to farm atm, i would raise the price for them though) and of course shiny rocks

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