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Lets talk together about Staff & Player relationship !

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Hello there everyone !


For those of you who don't know me, I am Keita, one of the Administrator of Pokemon Revolution Online, nice to meet you!

Given the recent situation with increasing tensions between staff and players, I think it's now time to properly address it with the aim of improving the situation and in general the staff-player relation. 


The people who know me can testify that I have, and never had, a problem in being transparent and honest, but as well really direct going straight to the point.

Just to clear, this doesn't mean that everything can be disclosed as there are things that cannot be disclosed like it can be the method we use to catch cheaters, but there are many other things that can be discussed without a problem and that many would be interested but are afraid to ask.



This thread has been created exactly to have a ground where staff (represented in this thread by us Admins) and players can properly discuss together and clarify things.

In this thread you will be able to ask me pretty much anything that passes on your mind. Some example:

  • Moderation
    • Our stance toward a specific behaviour
    • Our stance toward a specific rule violation
    • What kind of training do staff has to pass before becoming effectively a full-staff member?
    • How does our Punishment Policy exactly works?
  • Suggestions
    • How they are addressed within the staff team;
    • How do we treat them in general and what value do we give to them
    • What priority do we give to them
  • Staff
    • How is staff organized
    • How do we make sure the staff are doing the right thing and not abusing their power
    • How is staff punished if and when they break any rule
  • Events
    • How do we organize them?


However, do keep in mind that these are just examples but there is many more things that you might be interested in knowing and can ask here.

Also, as said previously, remember that there are some things that cannot be answered, some of them can be:

  • Exact value of special form encounter chance
  • How do we find cheaters (as this would allow people to bypass them and have the game full of cheaters)
  • Other things that are not in my mind now, but I will make sure to point it out to you in case you ask



IMPORTANT: This is a space I am offering in order to improve the staff-player relation. I do expect transparency and honesty from you at 360°, but as well respect.

No insult, taunt, provocation, targetting toward a specific user or staffmember or similar will be tolerated.

We live in 2021, I am fairly sure the human society evolved enough to be able to hold a discussion with the best transparency and honesty possible but as well respect toward each other.


Allowed argument: It looks like sometimes you mass ban a lot amount of people at once, why does it happen?

Not allowed argument: You fucking dictator, hitler fan, you just hate the whole INSERTCOUNTRY population, why the fuck do you do that? fuck you retarded dictator


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General Support - Report Center - Complaint Area - Discipline Appeals


Please do not contact staff members for private support

Share your questions on the forums as they could be useful to others

Unsolicited messages will be destroyed.

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Heyyy! First of all I want to thank the staff for the hard work that is put into the server. I'm a huge fan and I appriciate it!

As for my question it'd be: What can the players know about Astrella that is not already been said? Because we've got the map, love it. We know we'll get Alolan pokémon there and that is probably gonna take a while more to play on it.. So what else can we know about it!??

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Not sure it is the more usefull question.


I heard on my guild discord that we wont have a summer event this year. 

Someone told me that they were eh, in kind of ''strike''.

Is that true and if so why?

Will we still get other events in the future?


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I think most of these I already understand except the discussion of suggestions. I think this is a very lacking area even if someone in staff is in charge of this.


1. I know for a fact that if anyone is in charge of it would have to be a GM or someone high up because I have never seen it. The only exception I could see is content scripters maybe look for content related suggestions but I just feel from expefience this is not the case.


2. There seems to be no reply in suggestion forums to well done posts and it drives a lot of frustration within the community about just being ignored. Recently, Wally answered to the issue of PvP queue problems that I pulled verbatum from forum suggestion thread and it was only finally getting him to talk to us randomly in our Discord did it seem this got looked at. 

While I am not a fan of just getting a reply that it will not be done/cannot be done and then just leave it at that, like I have had done to me years ago, it is better than silence.


3. The Q and A streams seem to have no correlation to the suggestion thread which I really wish it would. The streams just seem rather random to some extent I guess to answer topical questions but I think there is room to improve this all if we had more dedicated looks at the suggestion thread and actually hearing replies.


Staff Related Optional Point:

I think there are those in staff who do not really have a way to voice proper criticism or advice in a way that can actually help. We can argue all day whether I got ignored or not and if I just baby raged left staff over this but I really cannot necessarily blame Wally for not being able to know all the criticism and advice I have given necessarily with how busy he is and Discord just buries these topics. There seems to be channels kind of geared slightly for this but they seem either not really used or just not designed to properly engage us.

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It looks like sometimes, a certain staff member feels obliged to insult or to reply in a condescending way to players. Without targetting him/her, I would like to know why you hired him/her again and why he/she isn't fired.

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Has a Staff ever reinvestigated their given punishment after putting an end to the appeals ? Just wondering if such thing as amnesty did happen or not.

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First of all, thanks for letting us share our concerns, i'm going into the obvious one, the treatment between certain staffs and players.
We all know that how Qeight treat us players with incredibly rudeness, the issue is not just that (as if being treated like [heck]/dumb and other insults towards the community was small thing), but sometimes we see in pro discord ban threats. As far as i imagine, this is totally unacceptable, the lack of respect when someone does a question about something they DON'T UNDERSTAND, it's apparent, i will say that for myself, but every time i see this happening, i feel less and less motivated to speak in pro discord or even play pro. i'm a 2k +hours player and the fear of being punished (banned) because i said something a staff disliked it's bigger than my will to play.
Another concern, but also a suggestion would be, don't let staff, being in game or discord that had troubles with certain players, to give their "opinion" about an infraction. That is totally based on emotion therefore, makes the judgment clouded and personal instead of technical. 
For a GM, the infraction can be a 2 hours mute, to the one with grudge will be worth of a ban, I myself was almost victim of that kind of judgment, and it's totally not fair.

1- Allow players to vote about the behavior of certain moderation to ensure the staff will hear us in a faster way, like an instant open public feedback.
2- Do something about not only users but moderators, that pretend that do not see offenses, homophobic comments, body shaming comments, xenophobic (offense towards ethnic groups) comments. 
3- Punish the ones that provoke severely and a small warn to those who DEFEND themselves. We're often seeing the attacked ones being punished for defending their honor.
4-  Try to stop the "protection culture" where, a staff says the complaint of a player towards another member of staff is wrong, if one player expressed it's concern usually there are many others who agree but don't have the courage to do so.
5- Put a recruitment based on minimum Age (hard to do but it's about free time and maturity).

Thanks :RemVV:



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Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars....THAN NERF THIS!

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