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  1. this idea was not made to rich ppl as u @
  2. finally implented ; ty my loved staff walro, even many ppl didn't like my idea ( didn't pump it except me! )
  3. hi all; why not make money dropped from wild pokemons not less than 0.2k to make a balance between releasing it & killing it (pokeball at least)
  4. Hard work and great job i really appreciate your guide hope it will help me if no boss and pro changes in future
  5. today bidoof wq is +1m6 ivs and we have to give 0.5% at least & its very hard to give them by 5 bump
  6. i was speaking with ajith1778 before the auction end he added me as freind i was speaking with him after he bid 1m250k i din't see that bcz i was afk you have to verify my time chat pls
  7. [Poke53600462] ajith1778 won the auction 1m250k
  8. c.o 1 m by supermann, min raise 250k, no insta, 72 hrs auction started 24/12/2021 @ 17: 42 algeria time +1 gmt
  9. START OFFER = 1M MIN BID = 250K NO INSTA AUCTION ENDS 72 HOURS AFTER BID other methode payement= IV RRs count = 700k Nature RRs = 350k CCs = 400k
  10. if he didn't tell you, u would never add moveset to zacian & Zamazenta ?
  11. bump for example in petalburg wood i want to disactivate ms to have 2 rare encouters instead of 3
  12. xmass ada Mudkip good ivs s.o = 2.5m insta = 10m min bid = 100k payement = only cash auction time = 1 day auction (24 hrs)
  13. sold to thanos13th auction 150k
  14. ok i didn't seen the auction start but its ok you won it pm me ingame to take gardevoir ingamename = calhanoglu
  15. s.o = 100k min raise = 25k insta = 1m 1 hours auction
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