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Fishing Contest Suggestion/Improvement/Re-balance


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- There should be 2 fishing contests a week with different starting times (maybe 6-12 hours apart?) to make the issue about timezones less annoying but you should only be able to attempt one a week.

- The contest should be on different days, so not just on Saturdays to give more people a chance to participate if they are unavailable on these days.

- The amount of rare candies should be less the lower your ranking (20 for Top3 and decreasing downwards to Top25).

- The duration of 1h and 30min feels too long, 45-60 minutes would be better.

- I understand the concept about hidden ability giving more points on certain pokemon but it doesnt feel good to have a disadventage if you are not using an active BMS during the contest. It is not worth to use one for the short duration of the contest so its bad for people who have a low amount of time and want to just spend it on the contest. Its also bad for newer players who dont have the funds to spend real money or around 200k for a BMS which would only be used for the short duration of the contest instead of the full 3-day-duration.

-> The best solution for that would probably to change the spawns to pokemon which dont need their hidden ability.

- Give the option to ask the Fisherman what pokemon/ability etc. give the most points and how points are calculated.

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Hello, the fishing contest is a very pleasant novelty, thanks to you for this contribution, as for the thing that could be done to improve the system, is that 
- 1h30 of contest is much too long (in my opinion) especially compared to the reward obtained, (which remains correct for a time of 45 min for example) 
- the berries are not really considered as a reward for most of the players, indeed few of them have a real utility, and are for the most part unsellable
- the rewards become really attractive from the top 3, which is a pity because, considering the 1h30 of farm, it is very difficult to reach it, generally the top 3 will be occupied by someone having found a shiny or a pokemon godly ; something which is very very difficult to obtain in 1h30 of time 
- in relation to these cosmetics, I would have rather suggested that it be obtainable for the top 5 of the fishing contest, and if possible with a different percentage for each place 
for example: 10%: 1st / 7.5%: 2nd/ 5%: 3rd/ 3%: 4th/ 1%: 5th
-The form of keldeo should have been obtainable by all the participants of the fishing contest, we speak nevertheless about a form event of a legendary pokemon, if that does not go in your direction, then to reduce the requirement has this form, to offer it to the top 10 will be much more pleasant, because as said above, 1h30 of contest is too long and the chance to finish in the top 3 is tiny... 
- When the spawn, I would suggest to remove a pokemon t1 from the zone, there are still a lot of pokemon in this zone ...  After 1h30 of farm I didn't meet a single basculin (I don't think I'm the only one in this case, but I'll give you that, it's the RNG's fault), I also find that the pokemon alomomola doesn't give enough points knowing that it's rather rare, to be playable it must have its hidden ability : regenerator ... I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use a bms or not, but I think it's a good idea to increase the points obtained for this pokemon, because the winners of the finshing were only basculin or whishiwashi ..,  

- to summarize the "big" problems according to me are :
The time too long 
The rewards such as cosmetic and the form of keldeo which should be obtainable from a top 5- top10 
-I'd like to see a new spawn and the points obtained for some pokemons (mainly alomomola). 



I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my message, and wish you good luck for the future, with additions of this kind, the game is on the right track, hoping for more and more features of this kind 

this kind of addition makes the MMO aspect of the game more important, is what we community are looking for in the end , thanks again ^^

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I just have trouble getting into a "Fishing Contest" that doesn't require fishing.  I wish that we were actually required to use Super Rod, and that Fishing Rods could be reworked to not suck. Might as well have called it Fish Hunting Contest instead.


Anyway, corsica water seems to be one of the places where it takes me 20-50 seconds to find 1 random encounter sometimes. Would feel better at 8-15 seconds. Also, I was hit with a heavy wave of Tiredness when it was only 1 hour in, and all my ivs on the rare poke were bad so gave up. 1 hour might be long enough.


OMG I almost forgot to mention how much I dislike all of the NPC Water Pokemon getting in my way and blocking my hunting path. This is another reason I wish we had to use rods for this. Assuming rods won't be fixed and required for this contest, please remove some of the npc pokemon from the pond or make them move less / change their pathing.


I love the idea of the event, I just get salty because 1 hour 0 wishiwashi bumping into annoying npc and not even having to use rod, and the fact that I'm always unlucky with IVs in contests.

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  Hello I will share with you what I think about the fishing contest.


First im agree with Xyteh 

8 hours ago, Xytreh said:

Instead of showing us TOP 25 one by one let it be a selection:
1: Top 5
2: Top 5-10
3: Top 10-15
4: Top 15-20
5: Top 20-25
6. My current score.

because its anoying to get kidnapped 30 s because he show us the whole leaderboard,


the main problems (for me its only my opinion)


1- the time is way to long for me 30-45mn should be enought

2- the calculation of points is actualy not fair for me


Here an example






carvanha one= 130 ivs (126 if we avoid spatk)

carvanha two = 152 ivs (125 if we avoid sp atk)


for me there is 2 problems here 


First one

the nature dosn't give enought points, you can just look the top 3 on gold and silver both was principally fail sync pokemon,

idk about ability but it could be the same problem.


Second problem:

 most of Pokémon got an useless stat and it should be take in consideration,

because here its realy not fair the second carvanha got like 70 points more than the first one and for me its a real problem.

I got same problem with my wishiwashi I drop a quiet one  not realy good but not that bad too 





Wishiwashi the most useless stat is the speed ( this is why we play him quiet) and if we play him in Trick Room we want the lowest speed but in this contest a godly wishiwashi quiet with 01 speed who gonna be probably the best drop on this contest but he will lose because the speed  is taken in consideration on the calculations of point (im not talking about mine bcs 3 atk make it already very sad but even with 30 atk I think I wouldn't be in top 3 because of 9 speed).


That's prety sad and unfair because for the moment on this contest its not the best poke who win the contest.

I think on every poke we should found the useless stat and dont take in consideration this stat to be sure the winner got the best poke.


about spawn I think we need to remove alomomola or change it for another pokemon (it could be clauncher for example) because to have max points with alomomola we need Ha and its not optimal in this area since its the only one who need ha in this area ? (in rare pokemon).



About the reward:


- The Top 3 will receive: 1 instantly consumed 7-day Train Ticket; 1 instantly consumed 24-hour Safari Ticket; an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 15 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; a low percentage of winning 1 out of 3 cosmetics (a tradable Bow, Spear, or Water Shuriken cosmetic); a possible change of form for Keldeo; 50 PvE Coins.


- The Top 4-10 will receive: 1 instantly consumed 7-day Train Ticket; an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 10 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; 35 PvE Coins.


- The Top 11-15 will receive: 1 instantly consumed 24-hour Safari Ticket; an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 10 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; 20 PvE Coins.


- The Top 16-25 will receive: an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 10 Berries; 20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up; 10 PVE Coins.


- The losers will receive 3 PvE coins.



I think im not the type of target player about these reward but I can understand there are pretty fine for most of player in pro 


because :

 1 instantly consumed 7-day Train Ticket

- its still apreciate but not really needed for me

24-hour Safari Ticket

- I think a lot of player like me already have a lot Safari pass in their bag even the 48h safari pass from reporter quest 

an assortment of 2-3 (different) PvP Berries for a total of 15 Berries

- its cool but only if we have real PVP berries usefull like sallac or superberry (if codded) because most of berries i saw in reward yesterday was useless one (rnged I guess)


super berry

Aguav Berry 
Figy Berry 
Iapapa Berry 
Mago Berry 
Wiki Berry


mental herbe  could be nice too as a reward because its really hard to found them at the moment,

this is the list of popular items in pvp on showdown as you can see most of berrys you gived to us are not in the this list



custap berry could be nice too (but not codded yet ?)

eject button and red card would be a good additional content and could make a real interest for the rewards.


20 Rare Candies; 10 PP Up:

- appreciate and i think this is fine tbh


a possible change of form for Keldeo

- I dont like skin on legendary pokemon (its only my oppinion so dont take this in consideration)

but i understand people who like legendary skin so this is good reward for them


50 PvE Coins. :

- its cool  thats reward the time passed in the contest


a low percentage of winning 1 out of 3 cosmetics (a tradable Bow, Spear, or Water Shuriken cosmetic);

-this is for me the type of reward I want in this game exclusiv cosmetic I didnt saw the cosmetic yet  I want to see them before and if the water shuriken looks very cool it could make me a huge interest to do this contest  but  its depend of what you called a low percentage, it doesn't mean much, low could be 20 % 10 % 3% 1%  so we can't without stat said if its balanced or not

because its already really hard to finish top 3 and after that if the % is really low it will literally make impossible to drop this cosmetic yourself which can be a good thing but also a bad thing

because it make at the same time the prestige to get the cosmetic and also at same time the frustration, maybe at least if we win the cosmetic allow the player to choose the cosmetic instead of dropping randomly one of these 3 ?




About the contest in general I realy like the idea its fun to do that with your guildmate and with the server but I think the contest 

should be less longer like 30-45 mn but 2 times per week  (because atm for me with 2 try it cost me like 2-3h play time rewarded by 6pve coins 🙂 ).

Also ofc more balanced about calculation of points because its realy frustrating to see most of the time only fail sync poke win the contest so give more point for good nature and ability.


Its realy cool if the future we can have more event content like alto mare race and fishing contest I found it make the game more dynamics and more like a real mmo game



im sorry for my english and sentence it could be realy hard to read me and understand me at some points,

have a nice day everyone.




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