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    ~Jenn's pokemon palace~

    You've got a point, I just edited my post. It's best to reach commotion1 and make a deal since the pokemon is already sold.
  2. Tigerous

    ~Jenn's pokemon palace~

    Metagross is to be sold to the player "commotion1" since he/she offered first and Togekiss to the player "Allsmell". Additional unrelated replies were deleted and please keep on topic.
  3. Tigerous

    Cant retrieve a pokemon from pc

    Transferred his Furret back to his last box. Thanks for your honesty and have a good day. Tigerous~
  4. Tigerous

    one of best kingdra on server

    Hold the Kingdra for a bit if you please so that we could investigate in the auction.
  5. Tigerous

    Trade History

    You're welcome. Resolved.
  6. Tigerous

    >> CLOSED <<

    Moved to the correct sub-forum.
  7. Tigerous

    Trade History

    As you see, you gave your 2 Happiny to the player "Legalize07" ###Legalize07 - April 4th 2019, 7:26:25 Given trade objects - Dragon55555 ID: 440 Happiny FORM: 0 Lvl: 53 UID: 23307462 ID: 440 Happiny FORM: 0 Lvl: 15 UID: 24508729 Let me know if anything else is needed.
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    Locked as the seller cancelled the auction.
  9. Tigerous


    The offer by Yukiis was rejected as this account don't hold the amount offered which was 4m. Let's keep the auction for offers and you can report/appeal for what you feel like but this is not a place to spam.
  10. Tigerous


    This offer is denied since your account don't have the amount you offered. As well as sharing same IP with the seller which means offering through your alt. The BO is still 2.5m by Fadoka.
  11. Tigerous


    This is not a possible rule. You have decided to make an auction that stays for 2 days after the first bid and according to that rules, its what will stay valid. This is Trade moderator's job to provide a safety for auction. You don't have to worry about it and just receive your offers as long...
  12. Tigerous

    Locked trade pokemon

    I transferred it back to you. Make sure to check your last box to find it. Have a good day. Tigerous~
  13. Tigerous

    epic shiny staraptor for pvp

    Locked as the pokemon was sold.
  14. Tigerous

    SHINY EEVEE - Timid / H.P. Fire

    Just to make it clear and as stated, this auction ends on Sunday 10 March at 12:00 Midday with Timezone: Eu-West as stated by the owner. Since the auction started with these auction rules set by the owner it won't change until the pokemon is sold according to it. Good bid everyone. Note: The...
  15. Tigerous


    Closing the auction for now. The winner will be announced upon investigation. Thanks.