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    Godlike Timid 31/31 Mismagius

    Locked as the auction was ended.
  2. Tigerous

    Godlike Timid 31/31 Mismagius

    After investigation, it was found that the rightful winner of the auction was Jorogumo as he took the instant 4 mins before Painbr who took it late. Therefore, the trade was reversed as the pokemon was transferred to Joro and 1m was taken from him then 1m was given to Xenox and Painbr's 1m was...
  3. Tigerous

    Sold close please

  4. Tigerous

    Sold close please

    Added 450k on your account and sent delphox to SinLight.
  5. Tigerous

    Silver Server Pokemon Missing

    Hello, nonwordnanobug. Thank you for reporting. Can you please check your last box? I transferred the togekiss back to you. Tell me if that is the correct one and also you bought it for 40k not 45k. I'm waiting your reply. Tigerous~
  6. Tigerous

    Sold close please

    Auction for vaporeon already ended. Since there are no new offers. It's sold to Ragnarok15 for 500k. I'm transferring the money to Basilis and the pokemon to Ragn. Good day.
  7. Tigerous

    Sold close please

    The Vaporeon should have been sold at 5:18 pm today (Saturday) as it received the starting bid on 5:18 pm yesterday (friday). This means that the pokemon should have been sold at 5:18 like mentioned but it was sold at 3:21 pm which is before the decided time which is an infraction to be issued...
  8. Tigerous

    wtb shiny magby,togepi,pink pichu,pikachu

    Moved to the correct sub-forum. Good luck.
  9. Tigerous


    Moved to the correct sub-forum. Good luck.
  10. Tigerous

    Server Locked Pokes

    You're welcome. Resolved.
  11. Tigerous

    Server Locked Pokes

    Check LocoTaco's box to find them. Sorry for the confusion as well.
  12. Tigerous

    Server Locked Pokes

    Hello, SquishySushi27. Thank you for reporting and providing your evidence for the pokemon. I returned them to your last box so make sure to find them. Have a good day. Tigerous~
  13. Tigerous

    Shiny aron auction

    Transferred 5m to Chuck and sent aron to your box. Good day. Locked as the auction was finished.
  14. Tigerous

    Wts 31spd Drago

    Auction locked as the pokemon was sold and investigation is being held. Deleted the unrelated comments.
  15. Tigerous

    accidentally level my sneasel to lv 100 and can't evol

    De-leveled. Have a good day. Tigerous~