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  1. First offert 5M Chaosknigth Min raise 100k No insta Payment , Pokedollars , CC 380k each, RR ivs 700k each (max 7) Auction 2 Days (Start with first bid)
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  2. New Leaf is a casual guild that was founded on the 25th of December, mainly focusing on building a community inside of PRO. Our guild includes active and friendly Discord chats, unique reward systems, a monthly event, and a chill environment you can hang out in. Dex Service - We provide a complete dex service for all regions, free for members! Monthly events - Trivia, Hide & Seek, unique tournaments, Build-a-mon, etc. Guild Daycare - A guild daycare service provided by a few of our members. Discord giveaways - As the name implies, giveaways! Who doesn't enjoy giveaways? Participate in Draft leagues - Draft leagues, which are simply a format of competitive Pokemon, are a staple of New Leaf. What is the Draft League Format? The Draft League Format is a collection of coaches, or players, who draft Pokemon to form a roster that they can build a team with to battle other coaches each week, for up to at least 7 weeks. Do note that these draft leagues are for fun, and are to be taken as a form of incentive to get members to participate and enjoy PvP. We are currently in our 2nd season. Modded Minecraft server for members. Must be an active user of Discord! Be friendly and easy going. Show interest in PRO. No toxicity! 1. What's your Player name (IGN)? 2. Number of hours played? 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? 4. What do you enjoy doing the most in PRO? (Hunting, PvP, trading, etc) 5. How old are you? (Optional) By submitting an application, you agree to read and enjoy Raika's puns on a daily basis.
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  3. Greetings! I thought It'd be nice to have a small paragraph in english to introduce this thread. This community is meant to be strictly Italian-Speaking, but feel free to hang around if you're a pizza lover. If you instead are looking for an Italian community, you've come to the right place! Read ahead, and hopefully I'll see you popping up on my Discord! Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Lupo93 e poco tempo fa ho creato un server di discord per riunire tutti gli italiani sotto un’unica community. Gli italiani su PRO sono sempre stati divisi. Tra Blue e Red, tra Silver e Gold, tra Pandemonium, Bloodnight e quant’altro. Lo scopo di questo server è di rimuovere tutti questi divari (anche in vista del merge) e di “Riunirci sotto un’unica bandiera”. Il server - PokeItalia - è una piattaforma in cui potrete parlare o chattare di PRO, o di altri giochi come Showdown, Pixelmon, ROM e League. Un progetto: una community italiana unificata con un Discord dedicato. Con questo progetto vorrei creare un luogo in cui discutere di pro ma anche di pokémon a 360°! All'interno del Discord potrete già trovare: guide sulla main story e post game, sezione eventi organizzati da noi (tornei, giveaway, eventi di farming, ecc ecc...). Il tutto senza nessun obbligo di stare in una delle nostre gilde ciò che intendiamo creare è una comunità Italiana in primis. Per cui se sei un italiano appassionato del mondo pokémon e in particolare pokémon revolution online questo è il posto che fa per te. https://discord.gg/uXdzQC3Y6b
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  4. Currently, our applications our live!. Who are we? We are a PvP Guild that aspires to help newer players with an interest in PvP to learn and create a social environment that will have players more than happy to come online, have a chat or two with guildies, and create a genuinely friendly player base. A big thing that we have noticed with bigger PvP guilds is that their chats are usually quiet, and this is the biggest thing we want to avoid. To keep our mentality away from that, our motto is: "We are a guild good at pvp, not a pvp guild." What are the benefits? You will be able to participate in our guild-exclusive events, such as Hunting or Tourney events, be able to buy items and Pokemon exclusive to the guild, and enjoy a welcoming, willing-to-help community of players! Requirements - 200 Hours - Sinnoh Completed - An interest in PvP - Discord (For Event Participation) - Must know English (For ease of communication with all members) - Must be 16+ years old After posting your Application, you may expect an answer within 24 hours. Please Fill out this form in your post; One of the Officers or Leaders will add you on Discord This prompt may also be filled out on #recruited channel in our discord! Ascension Discord! Please put your answers below each respective question. What is your IGN? What is your discord? Tell us a little about yourself. How many hours do you currently have? Do you know any existing members? Have you been in a guild before? If so, which one(s)? What are your expectations for this guild? What You are looking for from the guild? What other games do you play online? What is your favorite pokemon and what made them stick out to you? In your own words, please describe why you need to be recruited into this guild. If you're interested in PvP what is your favorite Archetype to use (Ex. HO, Balance, Stall, Weather, etc)?
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  5. This is my art shop, welcome! ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the recent boss changes money is tight on PRO, I have decided to greatly decrease the cost of my art. Changes - Animated Signatures/Discord Avatars will now cost 200K, Max is 500k for advanced Animation. Hand Drawn art will change from 1 Million to 500K. Standard non-animated signatures will now cost 50k no matter complexity. I will also be accepting Forms, Shinies and level 100's as currency depending on rarity. I will provide art services such as: forum signature design (animated and non-animated), profile pictures, animated designs, forum design and anything else! Art prices vary depending on complexity. I accept Pokedollar, CC (400k) and Rerolls, 400k Nature, 700k IV To Purchase or enquire, please send me a Direct Message on the forums. Will update this over time. Animated Signature Samples: Profile Pictures: Happy Holidays! Please see my new CHEAP animated signature sale featuring your PRO Trainer (fully animated nodding head and blinking) and as many Pokémon as you want (including PRO Special forms!) The Price? 100K!!!! - You read that right, 100k for your own animated signature featuring your PRO Avatar and as many Pokemon as you want, also with your name and optional guild name! Here's a little sample of what to expect!
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  8. I take that u bid 715k on azu, but the c.o is alrd 800k
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  11. I always believed in myself that i would get 100 rating some day.... great update
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  12. Hi all! In this guide we're catching the legendary Force Of Nature trio of the Unova Region! With that out of the way, let's begin! - Sinnoh Champion - 1 OT Pokemon with Storm Drain ability and 100+ in IV's. - 1 OT Pokemon with Levitate ability and 100+ in IV's. - 1 OT Pokemon with Lightning Rod ability and 100+ in IV's. - It is recommended to have a full team of Lv100's as you will face some challenging foes. To begin the quest speak with the Jirachi in the Mauville City House 1 (Just left of the pokemart) and accept the quest. After speaking to Jirachi head North to route 111, and you will notice it looks a bit different. Work your way through the Magma grunts and their Lv80 Pokemon until you come across a portal. Enter the portal and continue through the cave until you come across the Magma Grunt in front of Landorus. This magma grunt is far more difficult than the previous ones faced thus far. Their team has the following pokemon: - Lv100 Claydol - Lv100 Flygon - Lv100 Crowbat - Lv100 Glaceon - Lv100 Froslass - Lv100 Weavile After defeating this Magma Grunt heal your team and interact with Landorus to commence a battle. After defeating Landorus Jirachi will return you to Mauville. After completing Route 111 speak to Jirachi in the Mauville City House 1 and select "Yes, Please!" when asked if you need more time. After this interaction is done you can head East onto Route 118 to begin the Tornadus segment. Route 118 is similar to Route 111 where you have to work your way through magma grunts until you come across a similar looking portal. After entering the portal continue fighting through the magma grunts until you come across the final grunt located in front of Tornadus. Once again this grunt is far more difficult than the ones you fought on the way here so make sure you're fully healed. Their team has the following pokemon: - Lv100 Gastrodon - Lv100 Rhyperior - Lv100 Zebstrika - Lv100 Aggron - Lv100 Manectric - Lv100 Weavile After defeating this Magma Grunt heal your team and interact with Tornadus to commence a battle. After defeating Tornadus Jirachi will return you to Mauville. After completing Route 118 speak to Jirachi in Mauville City House 1 and once again select "Yes, Please!" when asked if you need more time. Once you've done this and healed up you can head South to Route 110 to begin the Thundurus segment. Once again Route 110 is similar to the last 2 routes you have done in which you must walk through fighting the easy Magma Grunts before entering a portal. Once you have arrived at the Magma Grunt in front of Thundurus make sure you team is healed as he also has a full team of Lv100 Pokemon. His team contains the following Pokemon: - Lv100 Manectric - Lv100 Rhyperior - Lv100 Zebstrika - Lv100 Flygon - Lv100 Altaria - Lv100 Weavile After defeating this Magma Grunt heal your team and interact with Thundurus to commence a battle. After defeating Thundurus Jirachi will return you to Mauville. After defeating the 3rd and final Unova weather legendary, you can heal up at Mauville and return to Mauville City House 1 where you will see a couple of Magma Grunts and Magma Admin Courtney blocking the way to Jirachi. You must defeat the Magma Admin in order to progress. Proceed with caution as her team is quite strong. Her team contains the following Pokemon: - Lv100 Houndoom - Lv100 Camerupt - Lv100 Crobat - Lv100 Scrafty - Lv100 Darmanitan - Lv100 Blaziken Once you've defeated Magma Admin Courtney Jirachi will express it's gratitude for saving it and will allow you to then capture all 3 of the Unova Force Of Nature legendaries. In order to then capture the Force Of Nature trio, you must bring a pokemon in order to traverse the lands they inhabit. - To catch Landorus you must bring an OT Pokemon with Levitate for it's ability and it must have an IV total of 100+ - To catch Thundurus you must bring an OT Pokemon with Lightning Rod for it's ability and it must have an IV total of 100+ - To catch Tornadus you must bring an OT Pokemon with Storm Drain for it's ability and must have an IV total of 100+ Once you have these 3 required pokemon, speak to Jirachi and select which legendary you would like to catch. Be sure to bring your sync pokemon and Masterball if you want an easier catch! This process can be repeated with the other 2 legendaries after you capture the first one so there is no need to worry over which one you want. That ends this quest guide, hope it's helped you! Happy Hunting!
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  13. how much you are paying for those? I charge High !
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  16. Greeting @Laksh07, You were not allowed to change the duration of your auction after the start. Your ending point has to stay the same and can only be edited before someone start your auction: Your modifications could create confusions and troubles during your auction. Posting a precise and clear end point is important. Be sure to read and follow our Auction Rules from now to avoid harsher punishments in your future auctions. We will now lock this thread since your auction ended with someone paying the instant price. Good luck in your sales - Monteria.
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  18. Hello, this has been a known issue for a very long time but unfortunately there is no way to fix it currently. Thank you for reporting it and sorry for the inconvenience. Have a nice day.
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  32. Start (oops Lyn started, check next comment)
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