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    Shiny Greninja

    Either you guys stick to the first post or dont offer/comment at all. If you don't like the price, just ignore it. It's a warning.
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    Baneo erroneo

    You must tell your friend to appeal in this forum: https://www.pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/discipline-appeals.37/. The moderator who issued the ban will check it. Debes decirle a tu amigo para que apele en ese lugar...
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    Restore Pokemon Megathread

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    Hola soy nuevo

    Bienvenido. Recuerda que el Chat Other tambien se utiliza por aquellos que quieren hablar español
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    Re: WTS Shiny Tyranitar <t>I noticed some offtopic post. They were deleted. Avoid making comments not related to the trade. If you need to ask something, do it in private message or in game.</t>
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    Re: Shiny_Chansey <t>All offtopic post are deleted. Avoid making comments on other trades, specially if you dont have intention to buy.<br/> <br/> If you dont like something about it, just ignore it. This is a warning.</t>
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    Mute Banned

    A mod will post in your appeal soon.
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    They do that because there is a lot of Pokémon whose abilities are based on those weathers. Sand Rush (Excadrill), Swift Swim (Kingdra, Ludicolo, Seismitoad, Kabutops) get double Speed if their respective weathers are up (Sandstorm and Rain, respectively). So you can outspeed your opponent and...
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    I need help from the entire PRO community (Another video)

    Re: I need help from the entire PRO community <r><QUOTE author="quanle92" post_id="462012" time="1509539149" user_id="562090"><s> </e></QUOTE> I will enter soon.</r>
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    About PVP

    Hi there, welcome back to the game. I dont know if you were here when Dugtrio's ability Arena Trap got added. It allows you to easy dispatch Chansey/Blissey and many other Pokemons. The same with the choice items. I think that stall is not the same problem like it was before having all these...
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    wts shiny epic hippowdon

    Moving topic to proper place.
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    WTS Shiny Gengar

    Moving topic to proper place.
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    WTS> S Tentakewlll

    Moved to proper place.
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    WTS Swinub H.A. 28 atk/30 def/spee 29

    Closed, due to player being suspended.
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    Re: decent h.a mamo/ epic Bisharp <r><QUOTE author="christianH98" post_id="457120" time="1508567154" user_id="1751899"><s> </e></QUOTE> I merged both of your topics, since you can only have one active thread per subforum.</r>