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    New Here

    Welcome to the community :)
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    Hello fellow trainers!

    Welcome to the community, fellow trainer :)
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    Hello All!!!

    Welcome to our community :)
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    PRO and Let's GO!

    Welcome to the community!
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    Tks Pro for everythings

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    Kon'nichiwa co-weebs

    Welcome :)
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    Welcome :) happy to hear you both are enjoying it!
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    Just left Pallet. New Adventurer on the road!

    Welcome to the community :)
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    When should i start building a team

    Welcome! Like others have said here, focus on completing regions first. It'll make farming easier later on.
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    New person here!

    Welcome to the community :)
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    New Guy Here

    Welcome to the community :)
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    Fail IV Contest!

    Big thanks to everyone who participated! I am no longer accepting submissions, and the winners will be announced soon. Good luck with your future hunts. Remember to enjoy the game and never get too discouraged when farming. It can still be a fun experience although you may not have caught an...
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    Greetings PRO!

    The forum Pokemon emotes have been down for a little while here. There's plenty usable ones on the Discord server though! Welcome to the community :)
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    Hey new player

    Welcome to the community :)
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    Take care and good luck with your future endeavors!