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    Silver Server So i got banned

    I know it shouldn't be here but i got banned and i put a thread in appeals but no one is writing to me back after 3 days!!!! It seems like staff is ignoring my posts! So i writed here for attension off staff!
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    Silver Server I got banned for another server... and again for nothing

    So i was lvl up my pokemons in silver server beacuse i got my silver account back. And after one fight with trainer i got banned.... Could u please unban me from Gold server too ? I didin't even got a pokemon in Gold server.
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    Resolved I had an account

    So i had my main account and i had good pokemons in there. I had high lvl pokemons But i forgot my username but i'm sure that it had Usher in it could u check data base if theres mine main account ?