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Gold Server Castaway |Social Guild|



"A newly formed guild looking for active and social players of the PRO community"

Our goals are to have fun playing PRO while staying social and interacting with other guild members using Discord. We don't need or expect people to be top tier PvPers, be millionaires, or have hundreds of hours dedicated to PRO. We'd rather have social people that talk in Discord and have fun! Everyone is welcome in our guild, so if you are looking for a friendly and helpful guild, then this might be the guild for you!

-A VERY social Discord community with members coming from everywhere around the world.
-Regional sweepers
-Weekly events that always reward 200k+ in prizes.
-Guild shop (You submit, we P/C if you want, sell the mon, and give you the money :) )
-Daycare and egg-move services
-Guides and helpful links
-We have cupcakes!

-Hunters, Farmers, PROS, Veterans, Rookies, Poke Enthusiasts, literally anyone is welcome! All we ask is that you join our Discord and talk to us! We just really like to talk! Lol. xD
-We use Discord for EVERYTHING, we do NOT use the in-game guild chat tab, so Discord is a requirement!

We are constantly coming up with new event ideas but you are more than welcome to share any sorts of creative ideas as you please.
We are also constantly adding pokes into our guild bank; including hunters, sweepers, etc.
We are looking into creating a guild gym system where members can battle the officers/gym leaders.

Creator/Leader: Mr. Hugglesworth
1st Officer: Tanuki01
2nd Officer: Icing
Event Officer: Juruzu & Tanuki01 & Icing
PvP Officers: Flappington (aka. Flap) & NeyofMine
Recruitment Officer: Icing & Juruzu
Discord Officer: NeyofMine & Icing

Please fill out this form if you are looking into joining us! We are constantly looking for new recruits!
Just copy and paste below in the comments and fill it to the best of your abilities!
#1: What is your in-game name?
#2: What is your age?
#3: What is your Discord ID?
#4: How many hours do play PRO each day?
#5: What are your total number of hours in PRO?
#6: How many badges have you collected?
#7: What would you think your specialty on PRO is (PvP/Trading/Hunter/etc.)?
#8: What can you bring to us if you joined?
If you do not get a response in a reasonable amount of time, please add lcing#3676 (lowercase L) on Discord!

If you are looking to become an officer in this guild, then please PM me! I will ask you a few questions and see where it goes from there.

Thank you for considering Castaway!
#4-about 2-3
#5-about 56
#6-8 badges in kanto challenging e4
#7-don't know
#8-a new member in ur guild