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Easter Pokemon Contest

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Jun 11, 2018
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Ign - Xchase / xChase
Discord - [《Chase》] 0204
Pokemon Name - Mechapod
Pokemon Typing - Steel/Dragon
Pokemon Description - Okay Metapod boys. Come on its very underrated but what if it had a secret evolution? This is whete Mechapod comes in. Can only evolve at exactly midnight lvl100. But how was Mechapod found out in the first place? The early pokemon trainers have worshipped a god Arceus but beneath their feet were another world of pokemon trainers who worshipped another god. Mechapod. Mechapod's wings can pierce through buildings and The fact that it has no hands it relases a piercig buzz from its wings which can destroy the moon itself.
Although, after all these years rumour has it that it is still here today. And the trainers from below are still under our feet as we speak, still worshipping the Mechapod.
How do i know this?
That is for Mechapod to know and you to find out :p


Oct 31, 2018
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- IGN: Snowball479
- Discord name: Snowball
- Pokemon name: Tokkle
- Pokemon Typing: Fire / Grass
- Pokemon description: Tokkle is a lizard stuck within a log, this makes it slow but the log can protect tokkle from harm. It can't chase after prey so it instead withdraws into the log as a disguise and waits for an unsuspecting victim to get close then blasts it with fire. It roams within woodland areas where its disguise works best. If tokkle spots a predator it can hide within it's log for protection.

hp: 90
atk: 75
def: 120
sp.atk: 115
sp.def: 80
spd: 70
Total: 550

Ability: Battle Armour
Immunity to crits.
Hidden Ability: Chlorophyll
Speed is doubled while in sun.

- Picture/drawing (optional):


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Mar 11, 2018
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- IGN: Unscarred
- Discord name: UnscarreD#0576
- Pokemon name: Versus
- Pokemon Typing: Electric - Dark

- Pokemon description:

The result of the collision between positive and negative charges of Plusle and Minun is Versus, the BlackOut Pokèmon, which gains the Dark type and the Anti-Matter ability.
The Fusion can be triggered like a Mega Evolution (or Battle Bond for Greninja), but only if both Plusle and Minun are in the party.

Versus stats assets changes between Defensive (Minun) and Offensive (Plusle) according to the active pokèmon who triggered the evolution.

Versus has IVs, EVs, Nature, Item and Moveset of the pokemon which is evolved from: the other one faints (the concept is that the active pokèmon assimilates its counterpart).

Named it Versus bc it originates from [minun VS plusle], i like how does "minun, plusle and versus" sounds, and it also recalls "VERSatility"

> Unique typing
> Insane Stats
> Extreme Versatility: [2x movesets / 2x items / 2x Natures / 2x IVs and EVs assets] to choose from
> Do not requires any specific item to evolve (Fusion)

> Waste of a party slot because the assimilated pokèmon will faint
> Once switched out Versus turns back to its original pre-fusion form and, with its partner fainted, it cannot be summoned again

Its personality is only known inside battle and its very unstable.
In the wild can happen that wilds Plusle and Minun clashes each others originating a Versus and it happens really often in mating season.
If a trainer catches a wild Versus it will turn back to its Plusle/Minun form inside of the pokeball.

- Picture/drawing (optional): imgur
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Jan 22, 2018
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- IGN: Sainno
- Discord name: Sainno#7365
- Pokemon name: Magyster
- Pokemon Typing: Ghost/Water
- Pokemon description: Is a large, muscular and dark purple coloring pokemon who lives trapped in his shell as well as a lamp genie.A large, muscular and dark purple pokemon that is trapped in his shell as well as a lamp genie.
- Picture/drawing (optional):


Mar 30, 2018
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- IGN: Adonar

- Discord name: Adonar#5704

- Pokemon name: Erliane / Ugliane

- Pokemon Typing: Base FAIRY
Evolution : FAIRY/POISON

- Pokemon description: Earlian is a rare pokemon, a small, majestic, solitary bird-reptile that can be found at the edge of the rocky mountains, hidden from view by other creatures. He is hiding because he is too weak to fight. He spends a great deal of his day containing his pain of not being able to fly quietly in these great deserts without risking his life.

Ugliane is the unbridled evolution of Earlian. It turns into a big reptile with terrifying feather and ugly, its feathers are covered with poison. Evolution is triggered when the Moon appears in the sky. The greater his distress of the day, the more impressive his power will be. He starts flying at night, and poisons all living beings encountered, to purge his sadness of the day. Once the day comes up, Uglian becomes Earlian, forgetting the carnage he caused.

Possible talent : Earlian / Moody - Natural Cure
Ugliane / Poison Touch - Liquid Ooze
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Dec 10, 2017
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- IGN: Skyroz
- Discord name: Skyroz
- Pokemon name: Tablerdeus
- Pokemon Typing: Fight
- Pokemon description: Its origin is unknown and few had the honor of seeing it. He has incredible physical abilities and unequaled endurance. It is located in a temple at the top of Mount Escalada waiting for a true warrior to dare to challenge him.
- Picture/drawing (optional): https://imgur.com/a/7fzRSA1
- Ability "Unbreakable body" : when it is hit by a flying attack or fairy steals half of the attacker's stats


May 2, 2017
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- IGN: hwaterman1998

- Discord name: Waterman#0264

- Pokemon name: Viriot

- Pokemon Typing: Poison/Dark

- Pokemon description:
Viriot produces toxic compounds inside its diamond shaped head which it can then release through a variety of different methods depending on where it is found in the wild (similar to different virus strains in different places in the world.) It seems to enjoy spreading disease as it travels seeing infection as proof of it's strength.

1. Liquid Ooze (as draining from the pokemon would cause toxins to be ingested.)
2. Poison touch. (Based on the idea of how vector born disease can be spread through mosquito bites and contact with hosts)
Hidden ability: Levitate (Based on the idea of airborne diseases and conveniently covers Viriot's only weakness.)

Base Stats:
HP: 100
Attack: 115
Defence: 65
Special Attack: 125
Special Defence: 65
Speed: 130
Potential Moves:
non damaging:
toxic spikes
acid armour
hone claws
nasty plot
strength sap

sludge bomb
gunk shot
poison jab
sucker punch
dark pulse
sludge wave
night slash
leech life
smart strike
ominous wind

- Picture/drawing (never made pixelart before but I think it gets the idea across)


Apr 8, 2019
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- IGN: Abyssalscythe
- Discord name: Mew#6397
- Pokemon name: Torabushi
- Pokemon Typing: Steel
- Pokemon description: A ferocious pokemon that preys on Fairy Types. Torabushi's mask symbolizes its evil nature. Torabushi does not take kindly to any Fairy pokemon that dare tread its territory. Those who see slashed bamboo in the forest don't live to tell the story.

Sword Dance
Mean Look
Sacred Sword
Night Slash



Feb 2, 2017
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This is my first post in 2 years and first time ever doing anything like this, and is not the type of thing I would usually do... not the best drawer or writer....so bare with me. its jus abit of fun.
I have only recently started playing pro again after god knows how long, as the mother of my kids has just taken an interest in the game. Me and my 6yo son have recently just started drawing together a lot, so when I got the notification of this event this morning, it gave me an idea of something to draw. He's abit sonic mad, so yeah... all he wants to draw is sonic, or the occasional batman..... lol he was gonna do his own Pokémon… however he changed his mind and drew something else, but he did help with the name and what my Pokémon should look like.

- IGN: Don't have this
- Discord name: Ashmanio#3412
- Pokemon name: Sonimon
- Pokemon Typing: Dark/Dragon
- Pokemon description:
  • Hatches from an egg identical to Togepi's albiet a little larger, for this it is believed why the mother will lay her eggs in Togepi nests then leave them to fend for themselves... Sonimon is carnivourous with a big appetite. (yeah sorry, it is part dark pokemon afterall)
  • It has small wings, but can only fly for very short periods of time, but it can however move at great speeds. Its speed would be confused for Teleport if didn't leave a trail of dust. On his feet however he waddles very slowly.
  • Hatches with the abilitys Horn Attack and Bite.
  • It has razor sharp claws, teeth and horns.
  • Very rare baby dragon pokemon, most defiantly a pre evolution... maybe that's what ill draw next time.

I know the image was not part of the competition, but drawing with my son is what inspired me to take part, so I hope ya'll can appreciate it nonetheless.

Happy Easter!!
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Mar 2, 2019
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IGN : Suttungr
Discord name: mythkeeper#6849
Pokemon name: Onocte (Derives from the Japanese mythology creature oni and the Latin word for midnight nocte)
Pokemon type: Fairy/Dark
Pokemon ability: (new!) Midnight: When this pokemon enters the battle it summons a weather effect that lasts until this pokemon faints or is switched out. In this weather effect only Onocte gains the bonus which is a 50% boost to dark type attacks.It also triggers moves like moonlight to heal the most hp they can as if sunny day was active.
Pokemon description: Onocte is a very rare pokemon said to be the guardian of all mythical items (azure flute etc)and can be seen only at midnight silently walking among the clouds in the night sky. Those who have seen it have described it as a girlish figure wearing a white and purple kimono and an oni/fox-like(pseudo legendary pokemon).
Onocte is a pseudo legendary pokemon and its primary stats are speed and special attack and its unique typing give it access to many great moves but the star of its moveset is its signature move "Midnight Reckoning" is a dual type move of dark/fairy this move can only be used when midnight is active .It has 100 acc and 100 power and it ignores stat effects(lowered spatk, raised enemy spdef etc).
A sample moveset could be
Midnight Reckoning
Moon blast
Dark pulse
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