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Staff Guides PRO Discord Guide


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May 10, 2018
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Hi there and welcome to the PRO Discord Guide!
This guide will teach you all you need to know about our Official Discord Server.
This will also teach you how to install Discord on your computer.

Step 1: Go to the Official Discord Website and click Download.
*The download provided will change depending on your Operating System.
Step 2
: Look for Discord Setup and double click it. Wait for the discord app to appear.
Macs: Open the .dmg file and drag the Application in your Applications folder.

Step 1: Click Register after opening Discord
Step 2: Fill in the information and click "Continue".

Invite Link: PRO Official Discord
Chatting Requirements: You must have been in the server for over 10 minutes.
Assigning yourself a Server: Use the command ?rank <Gold/Silver Server> in #bot-commands.
REMINDER: Please read the Server Rules before anything else.

Step 1: Click on the plus (+) icon and select join a server.
Step 2: Select 'Join Server'.
Step 3: Input the invite code (98pMNxq) and click join.
Alternatively, you can simply click on the hyperlink above to join the Discord.
Below are the different channels in the PRO Official Discord.

Player Hosted Events: Promotions for events run by players.
Discord Events: Information on events run by Discord Staff.

Announcements: Important information, Updates, and Maintenance notices on Discord and PRO.
Pro Useful Links: Guides created by the community that may be of help.
Server Rules: PRO's Official Discord rules.
Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to commonly asked questions by the community.
Guilds: List of guilds on each server for you to check out and join.

General: This is the server's main chat for communicating with others.
Support: Assistance with support-related issues may be asked here.
Bot Commands: All bot commands excluding Fredboat's are to be done here.
PvP and Showdown: Discussion on PvP and Showdown-related topics and strategies.
Your Own Art: Show off your art to the community.
Mapping: Discussion on maps and how to make them.
Video Streams: Advertisements of PRO-related Youtube Videos or Twitch Streams.

Daycare Shops: Daycare Services on both servers.
Trades and Prices Silver: Trade-Related Discussion and Promotions for Silver.
Trades and Prices Gold: Trade-Related Discussion and Promotions for Gold.

VC: Fredboat commands, channel for mic-muted players in VC.
VC1: Voice channel limited to 50 players.
VC2: Voice channel limited to 10 players.
Streaming: Voice Channel for players who are streaming.
Music Channel: Voice Channel for players listening to music.

Prefix: ?
Invite Link: Dyno
Primary Function: Support
?appeal: Provides a link to Discipline Appeals.
?bugcenter: Provides a link to the Bug Resolution Center.
?cloudflare: Provides a link to a small VPN.
?complaint: Provides a link to the General Complaint Area.
?cosmetics: Provides a link to the Clothing and Mounts Showcase.
?crashissues: Provides a link to solutions for crash issues.
?dashboard: Provides a link to the Dashboard.
?downloads: Provides a link the PRO's Downloads.
?evohelp: Provides a link to the Evolution Megathread and Uncoded Evolutions.
?evzones: Provides an image guide on EV Zones.
?forum: Provides a link to the Forums.
?ghostqueue: Provides an explanation for what a ghost queue is.
?gs: Provides a link to General Support.
?images: Provides a link to the Forum Images Guide.
?invite: Provides the invite link for the PRO Official Discord.
?legends: Provides a link for the Legendary Megathread.
?media: Provides links for our official media accounts.
?mee6: Provides information on the discord's leveling system.
?membership: Provides information on the Benefits of Membership.
?merge: Provides information on the server merge.
?moves: Provides a link for the TM and Tutors Guide.
?notcoded: Provides a link for the List of Uncoded Moves.
?register: Provides a link to Registration.
?report: Provides a link to the Report Center.
?restore: Provides a link to the Restore Pokemon Megathread.
?rollback: Provides a link to the Rollback Thread.
?rules: Provides a link to PRO's Rules.
?serverdown: Provides an explanation for the server being down.
?status: Provides a link to Server Status.
?stuck: Provides solutions for if you are stuck.
?suggestions: Provides a link to the Suggestions Sub-forum.
?updatelog: Provides a link to the Update Logs.
?wiki: Provides a link to the Official PRO Wiki.

Prefix: ;;
Invite Link: Fredboat
Primary Function: Music
;;play <url/keywords>: Plays music from the given URL or keyword.
;;queue: Displays the queue of the current tracks in the playlist.
;;nowplaying: Displays the currently playing track.
;;skip: Removes the currently playing track from the queue.
;;voteskip: Votes to skip the current track. Must have at least 50% of the votes.
;;pause: Pauses the player.
;;resume: Resumes the player.
;;join: Makes FredBoat join your current voice channel.
;;leave: Makes FredBoat leave the current voice channel.
;;repeat: Changes the repeat mode. Run this command for more info.
;;shuffle: Toggles shuffle mode.
;;reshuffle: Reshuffles the queue.
;;fwd <time>: Forwards the track by the given amount of time.
;;rew <time>: Rewinds the track by the given amount of time.
;;seek <time>: Sets the position of the track to the given time.
;;restart: Restarts the currently playing track.
;;history: Shows history of recently played tracks.

Prefix: ^
Invite Link: Reborn Bot
Primary Function: In-Game Aid
^bguide: Provides a Beginners Guide on Pokemon Technicalities
^boss: Provides information on a boss.
^cooldowns: Provides cooldowns on bosses, excavation, bug catching, and subway tickets for a player.
^dex: Provides pokedex information on a pokemon.
^hp: Provides the hidden power of a pokemon given a screenshot of IVs.
^info: Provides information on an item, move, or ability.
^inspect: Provides information on a Player.
^item: Provides information on pokemon that can hold an item.
^ivs: Provides the IVs of a pokemon.
^memberlist: Provides a list of members of a guild.
^msspawns: Provides a list of member-ship only pokemonn.
^poketime: Provides the current time in-game.
^repel: Provides a list of pokemon available from the repel trick.
^spawn: Provides a list of areas where a pokemon spawns.
^defaultserver: Sets a server as your default server.
^smogon: Provides PvP information on a pokemon from Smogon.
^timeladder: Provides a list of players with the most playtime.

^guildladder: Provides a list of the top 10 Guilds this season.
^guildseasons: Provides a list of the top 10 Guilds in past seasons.
^ladder: Provides a list of the top 25 Players in Ranked PvP this season.
^mostadded: Provides a list of players whom have added the most in opponents-information
^mostpaired: Provides a list of the most paired pokemon in PvP.
^mostused: Provides a list of the most used pokemon in PvP.
^pvpseasons: Provides a list of the top 25 Players in Ranked PvP in past seasons.
^ts: Provides a list of most used teams.
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is there also somenthing that we can check t!weather country or timetable for any country that which local time is now?