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    Omo, me curious, me guess what could it be? O,.:.,O
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    Last person to respond on this thread wins

    Posted ^,.:.,^
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    The Gender Race

    435 ^,.:.,^
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    Pokemon University

    Wow, Smogon like, nice idea ^,..,^ is there a channel chat for this?
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    Clothing Competition <3

    Thank you ^,..,^
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    when is the server open, anyone knows?

    LOL yeah, haha ^,..,^
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    Clothing Competition <3

    Yo PROnitizens ^,..,^ is this event still on? well I still post some of my creations coz I'm enjoying it :devil:
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    Clothing Competition <3

    Thank you so much sir ^,..,^ I'll make some more clothings in the future :Smile:
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    Clothing Competition <3

    Yo PROnitizens ^,..,^ I'm having fun making clothing customizations as my new recreation :-D.. Last post was my "Tronic Set" that has a glowing effect at night time, and for this post, i called it "Winter Trainer Set".. Well, it doesn't have any bonus effect but its kinda cool to look especially...
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    Clothing Competition <3

    Here: (1x1 sized each pixel)
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    Clothing Competition <3

    Yo guys, I made this customization called "Tronic set" (inspired from the movie "Tron Legacy") (Note: the eye-visor-thingy is transparent) Please rate, thanks ^,..,^ Tronic Helmet: Tronic Helmet (with glowing): Tronic Suit (male): Tronic suit (male with glowing): Tronic Suit...