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    Silver Server No puedo jugar pokemon me aparese can not connec to server ayuda

    We are aware that both servers are offline at the moment. We are currently in the process of changing PRO's server host. All users will be compensated regarding lost membership times, and such. The Chistmas event will also be extended. We estimate the servers to come back online within the next...
  2. Nebulas

    Resolved server down

    Hi there The PRO servers host are being changed. As such, the servers are currently offline, and this might take 1-3 days, hopefully. There is, however, no guarantee that this is the correct estimate. An announcement on our OFFICIAL PRO DISCORD will be made once this issue has been resolved...
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    Gold Server problem with transmat station

    Hi there There is no Transmat station in Kanto and Johto. Both regions use Underground Train Stations. Hoenn and Sinnoh use Transmat Stations, and they can only teleport you to Pokecenters in the region you're currently in. Hope this helps and cleared up the issue you're having. With this...
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    Accidentally Released a Poliwag

    Hi there I've recovered the Pokemon with that ID, and it's a Poliwrath, no longer a Poliwag. Have a pleasant day and happy holidays! Kind regards - Nebulas
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    Resolved Problem casino'

    Hi there Unfortunately, we cannot recover your lost Pokeballs. Please keep in mind that game is in BETA and things like this can happen at any time. Please take the time to read the following thread Hit by a rollback Apologies for your convenience, and I hope you have a pleasant day...
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    I have a problem to get the super rod

    Hi there You're missing the first 2 Rods. You need the Old Rod and the Good Rod before you can buy the Super Rod. The Old Rod can be obtained for free in Vermilion City. The Good Rod can be bought for 15k in Fuchsia City House 1. Hope this helps, and with this said, I wish you a pleasant day...
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    Resolved Missclick about leveling up

    Hi there Your Charmeleon is now level 99. Hope you have a pleasant day! Kind regards - Nebulas
  8. Nebulas

    Fail IV Contest!

    As stated in the Q&A, you need to be the OT. Q: Does the Pokemon need to have my OT? A: Yes, the Pokemon must be caught by you.
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    Servers are online. Client downloads are available. Have a good day! Kind regards - Nebulas
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    Resolved justice

    Hi there Unfortunately, like everyone else, you'll have to keep grinding to find a good Pokemon. There's nothing we can do about this. Good luck and have a pleasant day! Kind regards
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    Resolved I can't download any versions beacouse the ads!

    Hi there I'll now lock this topic as the Client Downloads have been fixed. You can download them >>here<<. Have a pleasant day! Kind regards - Nebulas
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    Last person to respond on this thread wins

    Nah bro
  13. Nebulas

    Last person to respond on this thread wins

    Yet so far
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    All Servers Without evolution can we catch mew

    Hi again Mega Stones were removed back in the day as the process of mega evolution wasn't possible. It's said that it'll come next client update. Keep an eye out for announcements in the Announcement Subforum. Kind regards - Nebulas Dedicated Support Team
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    All Servers Without evolution can we catch mew

    Hi again Do you mean the Egg Section in your Bag? There is no info as to what will happen with this section of the Bag. Mega evolution is said to release in next client update. Keep an eye out for announcements in the Announcement Subforum. Hope this helps! Kind regards - Nebulas...