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  1. CheefSweetLeef

    Selling Various PvP Pokes.

    400k Feel free to message me on Discord. CheefSweetLeef#7108
  2. CheefSweetLeef

    Selling PvP pokes.

    Thanks for looking, make some fair offers :)
  3. CheefSweetLeef


    Hello everyone! I play this game for a while now but do not recall ever introducing myself! I am CheefSweetLeef previously from blue server and officer in DarkRising PvP guild! I spend too much time in this game but I like to think it is for a good reason! I enjoy helping other players and my...
  4. CheefSweetLeef

    Buying godly Shroomish

    Buying godly untrained Shroomish. Must have Jolly nature+quick feet ability. All relative IVs must be 25+. I am paying very well.
  5. CheefSweetLeef

    Wtb Epic/Godly h.a. Talonflame

    I know these are hard to find so covering all bases. I do have a good amount to offer for a desirable specimen. I'm looking for 25+ speed 31 atk IV with Hidden Ability and 20+ in other IVs preferred (-sp. atk of course). Thanks for taking the time to look. Have a good day/night :)
  6. CheefSweetLeef

    Ghoul Swamp Error

    As similar users have experience. I cannot seem to find any more spirits in the swamp though the game keeps telling me I need 1 more to pass. I did try and use a pokeball on the first one though the game did not crash. It is possible it had an effect. Not sure what else to try as I have looked...