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How to make a Legitimate/Valid Auction, according to Trade Rules

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Mar 2, 2018
Trade feature is one of the most important parts of an MMO. In PRO, we do not have an Auction House yet and that makes the life of Traders and Trade Moderators harder. I know that Trade Rules are complicated, but they were published after long and concentraded thinking by T-Mods. In addition, the latest Rules about Auctions were implemented, because of the injustice we faced in some cases and the great advantage Sellers had compared to Buyers. After a long experience in Trade related cases and because some users do not follow the protocol, I know that some cases will fall under a loophole. ONLY T-Mod team judgement will come and give a solution, after discussing it as a Team, for the most fair and justified decision. Instead of dismissing responsibilities and do nothing, but just punish, T-Mod team shall find the best possible solution. In every poorly handled auction, one user at least will be disappointed after the outcome.

This thread, aims to guide the Community to the right direction, regarding Auction handling and participating. This is the rule regarding auctions:
  • 12. In auctions, the auctioneer should announce the rules of the auction and the item(s)/pokemon(s) being auctioned, call and acknowledging bids made, and announce the winner, said rules should be respected. (i.e. If you withdraw your auction due to 'low offers' without stating that beforehand in said auction's rules, you will be punished.)
Also, Trade Rule #14 will be enforced if the seller violated the rules and didn't sell to the rightful winner of the auction:
  • 14. If a Pokemon was sold unfairly to any user other than the original winner it will be forcefully moved to the rightful owner of the auction, whatsoever.

Template of a valid auction:
  • Pokemon/Item being auctioned:
  • Starting price/point:
  • Ending point:
  • (Insta Price if you want to announce one, else you can do it during auction):
  • Auction Rules:
Let's get to analyze each one.

Here you should have the screenshot of the Pokemon or Information of the items in auction.

Here you should have the MINIMUM acceptable price. When this price is met, your auction is started. Also, you can choose to start auctioning your Pokemon without adding a starting price, but adding a starting point.
Example: Auction's starting point is the time this thread was posted(without having a starting price).

You must have an ending point. You cannot continue the auction for ever. You have to announce the ending point, exactly as you have to do with starting point. You cannot change the ending point after the auction started, unless you just implement/change the insta price.
CAUTION(!) : If we want to be clear, we have specify what time exactly we would finish an auction. If your auction states that the end will come 24 after the starting price is met and the starting price was is met 00:00, then the auction will finish when the clock turns 00:00 again. This is the normal countdown, all count downs around the world work like this and we will handle it like this.

It is at seller's discretion to have an insta price before the auction starts, to implement it during auction is active or simply, to never implement an insta price. Although, if seller announces an insta price and the insta price is met sooner or later, you cannot take it back. In EVERY auction, the insta price has to be announced in public and not PMs. Regarding forum auctions with announced insta price, if you receive the insta offer online and not as a forum post, you have to upload on your Forums auction thread, the screenshot of the buyer offering the insta price, before you trade the pokemon.
Suggestion: Prefer to offer the insta price on forums, instead of online. We can only track the trade logs, the time on public chats and the time on forums.
Example: If you offer an insta price online, the seller is late to post it on forums and before he posts it, another bidder offered the insta price in Forums, how we can know who offered first? In such cases, even if the user online bidded first, the Pokemon should be forcefully moved to the user who bidded on forums.

Here, you can announce and specify your special Rules. All these rules, have to be announced BEFORE the auctions starts. Any rule implemented AFTER auction starting point, will be considered as invalid and probably a punishment will be issued.
Example: If i am not satisfied with the highest offer, i can cancel the auction at any time.
I know that a lot of people disagree with that. Although, it is up to you if you will participate in an auction with this rule. You might disagree with that rule, but it is fair, since a lot of other people disagree with "sniping". With this way, PRO Staff and T-Mods, try to balance equality and justice.


According the the rule #12, seller shall respect the rules of the auction,call and acknowledging bids made, and announce the winner. That means that EVERY OFFER has to receive a reply of acknowledge, the seller has to be really careful with the time left while announcing it(I have seen decades of times, seller's false deadline announcement) and of course, announcing the rightful winner.
If the insta is met or the auction time reached the end, you cannot continue with "last calls", "bid war". These things are just unfair ways for sellers to get more money.

You can still start an online auction and follow all the rules above. Always you need to announce the starting point and the ending point of your auction, BEFORE you start it. You can announce a specific rule about cancelling the auction if you are not satisfied with the highest bid, but with these conditions:
  • Announce it in Trade chat before auction starts.
  • Inform every single bidder about it after this point and acknowledge/announce the offer only if the bidder accepts this term.
Regarding online auctions, every message in trade chat displaying c.o./b.o. is counted as an auction, regardless if poorly made or no. In these cases, even if almost every single rule of Auctions is violated, the first who wil come in agreement with the seller, is the rightful owner and as a result, the rule #14 will be applied.

Example of poor auction(1): Wts [Pokemon1] pm offers b.o./c.o. 100k.-----No ending point, no acknowledge/announcement of the c.o.
Example of poorly handled auction(2): Wts[Pokemon1] s.o. 100k-----No ending point
Example of poorly handled auction(3):Wts[Pokemon1] pm offers----> Then receiving pms with offers and starting using the highest offer to get more money like: Your highest offer between 5 pm's was 200k, then pm the other 4 users that someone offered 200k, then get the offer of 200k and post it to the other 4 people etc.-----No ending point, putting users in an endless bid war. In such occasions, the first to have an agreement with the seller, will get the Pokemon after enforcing the #14 Trade Rule.

Situations like these examples, cause a huge mess that Trade Moderator are ready to solve. Always, some users will not be happy with the handling, since they loose the Pokemon. But i say again, in such occasions there will be always at least one unhappy user. Going hard over Trade Moderators for spending hours over a poor auction to get a fair outcome, is not a solution. Giving healthy feedback to improve our Trade environment and Trade Moderators is always welcomed.

Example of perfect auction(1): Wts[Pokemon1] s.o. 100k, insta price 500k, auction will end 10 minutes after the s.o. is met.
Example of perfect auction(2):Wts[Pokemon2] s.o. 100k, insta price 500k,auction end 10 minutes after s.o. is met, reserving the right to cancel if not satisfied--->Then every offer you receive, inform the bidder about "reserving the right to cancel if not satisfied", since they might logged in after your first message.

CAUTION(!)-Be sure to have ALWAYS the evidence of a b.o./c.o. We have always a way to find out if an offer is valid or misleading/deceiving or even attempted/successful Scam.

We are opened to feedback. If you have something to suggest of give feedback for this guide, post here. If you have questions over this guide or anything trade related we will gladly answer them here or here if you want a private place to complain.

I hope this guide will be helpful for Community and makes majority to understand how Trade Moderators handle auctions.

Kind regards,

Credits to: Tigerous, Salt, Hercules for all their work regarding auctions and auctions rules.
Credits to: Epiales, Equilibrium for giving feedback from player-staff perspective.
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