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Well, this is it for Shamac :)


Former Staff
Former Staff
Oct 2, 2016
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Lately, I have been working more and more, with both my first and second job. PRO was an amazing experience with amazing people together, not only was an amazing game, I have found amazing friends. I really do believe I wouldn't be able to find such good friends and with such wonderful people if I didn't have this experience.

As time goes by, the time I have left is reduced to a minimum, sometimes I work 10 hours a day plus preparing myself for the next day, and to be honest I no longer have the mental strengh to endure being a staff member, not only that, I've started to notice my body having backlash from bad night sleep and such, being more often "under the weather". This decision was not taken easily, as I am aware and warn people that this would come sooner or later, unfortunatly. Now for people that will understand some parts, maybe things would go other way, maybe it would be better, but maybe it would be worse aswell. Anyways I am happy, I will probably start watching movies, series and playing other games again xD

Not going to lie, I have tried multiple things, things that I wanted to do that never got through the sketch board or things you asked and I had to say no before, but unfortunatly, I couldn't manage, and I am trully sorry for not being able to do it, but sometimes, I just couldn't. I also know that I left some bad marks among some members, but welp, I did what I had to do, altho some of you might not agree and are even happy that this is my outcome, I standed in front of a multicrowded decision, but only my face and name was hurt, but then again, I think that was my job to do, and as long as justice was served and things were fair, I was happy, and the majority was aswell. I do not take grudges for my future with that, PRO was a learning lesson.

Being the worse part of this text over, I am going to start talking about the great things, which was this freaking community, the game itself, everything, I literally don't thing I will be able to find this, besides league (which was my part-time once), I never had this much hours into a game, and I need to admit, I like to jump from game to game. I played it from my phone, while watching series, or just to talk with friends. And I met people here, that I will make what I can to bring them accross my life, the more I can. Well, and talking about gameplay, welp yeah, the game has its godam bosses crit hax flaws, but for god sake, beautiful art, 4 regions, and everything for free, what could I ask more for a freaking online game (#sellout #dabsonhaters #iactuallymeanwhatisaid). I might have enjoyed it more, as I got maybe more oportunities, but like a great man once said, this is the game I wouldn't stop playing until it dies (which should be far away in years).

On top of all this I can also say that, it has been a wild ride, I joined basicly when there was a really short amoung of people, and at that time I just thought "I will help until the staff can carry on by itself again" but person after another, name after name, I was conected with several other interesting people I could not say bye anymore. Things kept happening, I never asked for a promotion and I was able to do so many things I dreamed PRO to have 2 years ago. We have created several medias (obv not just me there), got so tilted and so happy at the so many times for PRO stuff and thankfully, things worked well. Nowadays PRO has around x5 the amount of daily players as they used to have by this time last year, the prices in the market have gone down (#remember2mmsprices).

Nonetheless, here is the list of things I've build together with my brothers and sisters in arms during my staffship:​

Duzens of apps recruited
Discord and ingame moderation
Several new guidelines for training
Everything possible to do on forums
Game editing
Monthly events
Social media launches
Staff and game coordination
Many more...​

Now welp, here goes, the dam submit botton which I've pressed several times, but this one is probably the hardest than clicking it for all the other times i've done it...and probably the happiest one for others :p


And a nice tune below :P


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Apr 3, 2016
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I am deeply in love with you and very sad to see you leave. I'm still very sad that I never got to sing with you either ;( but I know you will be going to a better place, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Much love


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Jan 5, 2016
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I hope when you do return that i can get my friend back that i miss and hunt some goombys together again. All the best.


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Oct 23, 2014
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It was fun working with you. Even though, we tend not to agree always. You are a good person and good staff. On behalf my wife and kid I thank you for making it easier for my shoulders to carry. The workload around here tends to be very heavy at times. More than once you made it possible for me to be with them with a clear mind.

The burden we carry both in life and here is not an easy one. I apologize if I offended you or anything during the times we end up not agreeing. It was not my intent. Having said that, there is always a place for you in here. I do wish, however, that you invest more time in yourself and your family. You have many pluses. I don't usually say this for people but you are a very bright person. I will miss you for sure, hopefully, you will miss me too, well at least my crazy.

Thank you for your work and time you put into the project and helped both staff and players alike.