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    Finished New Sinnoh Access Quest Guide

    Ah, I see, that makes sense~ Then, may I suggest to specify it by saying "had beaten Hannah but has not use her to go to Sinnoh yet" to make what you meant clearer? :)
  2. Starlight

    Finished New Sinnoh Access Quest Guide

    The message on top should have said "had not beaten Hannah", not "had beaten Hannah" :p
  3. Starlight

    Landorus, Thundurus, & Tornadus Quest Guide.

    Thanks :) By the way I haven't check this since I don't have enough shard yet, but I heard apparently you need to bring those 10 mirror shards to an NPC in Wondrous Site to get the Reveal Glass.
  4. Starlight

    Landorus, Thundurus, & Tornadus Quest Guide.

    How exactly do you get the mirror shard? Just do excavations as usual and hope one drops? Or buy it from an NPC in excavation site? Also I heard you need 10 of it, after you get 10, then what?
  5. Starlight

    easter egg chest stuck..

    There's no guide because the location is random for every player. Just keep looking I guess XD Also, look and look again. I actually had to go to Breezy Falls twice, because on my first visit I missed one basket.
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    Helpp catching shaymin in route 224

    If you already have both items, then you can do the Easter Shaymin quest (not the old quest) :)
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    Legendary Reroll preview with the option to decline

    Legendary reroll is already in the game for a long time, without any bad effect. If we can get another legendary of the same species like how we hunt for normal Pokemon then sure, that should be enforced instead of rerolling the IVs of the one we already have, but the thing is, we can't get...
  8. Starlight

    Easter Event Feedback

    Agree with this, it was a terrible idea because there's no way you can figure out how to get to all of the Grimer's locations in one go with all those holes along the way, and unless you have someone with you in the game who already finished the quest and willing to act as the guide, you will...
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    Shaymin Quest

    Nice guide :) I guess this means Shaymin is gonna be obtainable soon, since Gracidea's only use in the official games is to change Shaymin's form.
  10. Starlight

    Genesect shift gear

    Would be nice if the event move NPC can teach Genesect those moves.
  11. Starlight

    Finished ♦ All Helditems that are obtainable in the wild | Locations | chances [Last Update: 7/22/18 - can be outdated] ♦

    @PreHax The guide is missing Smoke Ball ;) And why there are both Silverpowder AND Silver Powder listed, both with different spawns? They aren't the same item? Or maybe one of them is supposed to be Metal Powder?
  12. Starlight

    Complete Christmas event Guide

    No guide for part 2?
  13. Starlight

    Resolved Respawn Registeel

    I don't know how can you one hit Registeel, everyone who wants to catch a legend usually always bring a False Swiper. And False Swipe cannot one hit anything, especially when the opponent resist Normal. Anyway, good luck, hope you can beat Nikola next time :)
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    Finished ♦ How to get Registeel, Regirock or Regice ♦

    Trying zooming out (if I'm not wrong, it's press F2 then type /staffview 1) I'm not a mod, but I think you're gonna have to beat Nikola boss.