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Dec 6, 2016
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Hello everybody,
To start this topic, I'd like to refer everyone to the Trade Rules.

This thread's intention is to help reduce the amount of scams and shady trading in PRO. If you plan on doing any of the following trades, it's recommended that you follow the instructions below.

Types of trades in PRO:

  • Trade Evolving (Trading a Pokemon to another user to trigger it's evolution, then trading it back).
  • Pokemon Daycare (Paying another user to train a Pokemon for you).
  • Renting (Borrowing Pokemon for PRO activities. I.E. Bosses, PvP, Story, etc).
  • Dex Service (Borrowing Pokemon to get the Caught Data then returning said Pokemon).
  • Selling (Selling a Pokemon/ item to another user).
  • Buying (Buying a Pokemon/ item from another user).

Precautions you should take:

I can not stress enough how important it is to take screen shots of the Trade Agreements. For all types of trades, please be sure to take screenshots of the entire PM window. All PM conversions must include a screenshot of the deal as well as both parties agreeing to said deal. If you are to make any trade related report, we cannot do anything without this evidence. For most trade reports, you will also need visual evidence of the other user refusing to finish the deal made. This could be a screenshot of them ignoring you or straight up refusing the deal after it had been agreed upon. To reduce the amount of images taken, you can increase the size of your PM window by clicking on the bottom right and dragging it to be bigger. The more screen shots you have the better. When taking Screenshots take a screenshot of the entire client screen; not just the PM.

You can read this useful topic on how to record images and add them to the forum.
How to Add Images/Photos to Forum Posts.

Reporting an infraction:

Should it turn out that you've done business with a shady trader, you have the option to create a report so they can be sanctioned. Reports are to be done in the Report Center and you can read how to create a successful report here.
Trade Related infractions:
  • Take and provide screenshots of the FULL trade-related conversation held with the player you're trading with and the actual trade happening before pressing "Accept".
  • Make sure that the terms of the trade are clear and a final agreement is met for both parties. Both price and location must be agreed upon to seal a deal.
  • Provide evidence of the Pokemon that was being sold if the user tries to switch them.
  • Clear evidence that the offender is ignoring your messages in scams, fake buying and fake selling cases.
  • We do not reverse trades that happened if you clicked "Accept" and regret your decision.

Credit to Sage, Letrix
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