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  1. Alain30

    Wts Epic Munchlax

    1,050,000 pd.
  2. Alain30

    Wts Epic Munchlax

  3. Alain30

    Chaos Xmas Hunt Event

    Will try my best to take part! ^^
  4. Alain30

    PRO Award 2018

    PLAYER CATEGORY Smartest: Cames Friendliest: ZockChock Funniest: Zinsmiter Coolest: CyBeR54 Comeback Player of the Year: Buyshinynair Most Talkative: Blazer001 Most Trustworthy: 5hade72 Most Helpful: Imhanjoo Most Missed: Quanle92 Most Influential: Gunners Most Intriguing: Mamathieu Most...
  5. Alain30

    Scary Story Contest!

    IGN: Alain30 Discord tag: @Alain30#0747 Server: Silver Word Count: 744 A Mystery of The Illuminating Lost Tower In Eterna City lives a teenage boy named Alaxen who have been living with his grandparents. Recently Alaxen has been saving his pocket money in order to buy a brand new bicycle...
  6. Alain30

    Evolution & Deleveling Request Megathread

    De-level Request Server: Silver Pokemon: Gligar male Lv. 100 (Kanto) ID No, 25565462 Held Item: Razor Fang Would appreciate my newly bought gligar to be deleveled to Lv. 99 in order for it to evolve into Gliscor. Edit: Thank you!! Fluffles! <3 -Alain
  7. Alain30

    Staff Guides List of evolutions coded differently in PRO

    Ahh nice thread, those rotom evolutions got a little confusing, this should help! ^^
  8. Alain30

    Giving away ladder tournament reward [Epic Gible]

    More youtube vids plzz!! :((
  9. Alain30

    Trainers Valley Revamped!

    Super hyped!! Awesome job done! <3
  10. Alain30

    Finished ♦ New Pokemon Lending Feature | Complete Guide [Updated] ♦

    Brilliant feature indeed, helps giving dex service and lending pkmns much more safer ^^ It at the long run decreased a lot of trade scam reports ;) Also the F.A.Q helped a lot!! Cheers!
  11. Alain30

    Staff Guides Membership Benefits and Useful Coin Items

    Looks very detailed and organized Great job!
  12. Alain30

    A few things regarding upcoming content...

    It is very much understandable Hope to see PRO fixing their bugs in the future Cheers to the community!
  13. Alain30

    Vulcan island is back!

    Ahh my favorite island to visit at summer break. Hope there's some cool new quests to do.
  14. Alain30

    A new adventure awaits underground.

    Awesome!! More cool new features!! Is this game not the best Pokemon MMORPG or what!?! Love you all
  15. Alain30

    Silver Server All done

    Count me in strat bae <3
  16. Alain30

    Various Tweaks and updates

    Welcome back to the community Thor brother ^^ Pro isn't the same with not around. The updated features looks and sounds great! Cheers to Pro staffs.
  17. Alain30

    PRO Metronome Tournament

    Count me in Usrn: Alain30
  18. Alain30

    April 13th 2018 - Friday 13th Story Event

    'The Flames of a Candle' Ever since I started watching the Pokemon anime, ghost-type pokemons interested me a lot. Ecruteak gym-leader Morty was one of my favorite gym leaders. Gradually I too started hunting and training my own ghost type pokemon team as I play PRO. Among then my favorite...
  19. Alain30

    Remaking PRO Maps

    The added designs on the map looks really good, and brings a nice touch to the pro environment overall! :FenChill: Most importantly, really appreciate mappers re-designing old maps which brings a great vibe to the game as a whole! Keep up the great work mate! :SquirtleSquad: