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Final fantasy 7 Event/sprites [work in progress]


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Today, 01:36
Apr 12, 2019
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This is my work in progress if i have time and someone is interested in it i can continue and improve sprite and create map [mako reactor] too etc etc. I think i can make cloud too and maybe use this for shop or maybe event in the game, this will take alot of time and probably i will ask to someone help to speed up all the work.
Concept for the event:
-Starting quest:
1. A visitor from a distance world / quest giver will be a standard mariner around kanto or something...
2. New map with sephiroth and cloud inside [Mako reactor] check google if u don't know what mako reactor is.
3. Beat Sephiroth 1 time a week for 3 week and you will get cloud outfit _ hair style _sword _clothes (sprite in progress)
3b.Beat Cloud for 3 weeks and get Sephiroth outfit _hair style _wing _clothes (beta sprite need to improve sword) seph pro.png
4. End of the quest

Option 2 is just to give all to the shop
_cloud hairstyle
_cloud outfit
_cloud sword [can be equipped with all outfit but not with the sephiroth one]

To balance the items i think cloud sword will be free to equip with every gear and sephiroth wing is fine to be bound to sephiroth outfit, because if you put the wing of sephiroth non-bound to related outfit is not really good. So basically player can choose to buy an exclusive costume with pros and cons.

_sephiroth wing [can be equipped only with sephiroth outfit]
_sephiroth hairstyle
_sephiroth outfit [include sword]

This is my concept give me a shout if you want to collab with me or someone is interested in this.