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    Farewell pro :D

    Hello Everyone, It sad to say goodbye but time have come.I'm very happy to enjoy this game and got lots of friend.Also thanks to Chronos Guild for give me a place to stay and enjoy game together even Chronos will no longer and thanks to all staff for make this amazing game. Special thanks to...
  2. Dofalmingo

    Donquixote Shop !

    Bump :PikaLurk:
  3. Dofalmingo

    Donquixote Shop !

    Sold Porygon-Z
  4. Dofalmingo

    Donquixote Shop !

  5. Dofalmingo

    TAIPOUZ : Sold out atm

    Take mamo 50k & arc 150k Discord - Dofalmingo#5569
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    Donquixote Shop !

    Sold Infernape
  7. Dofalmingo


    2.5m serp & 1m volca
  8. Dofalmingo