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[2019] Solaceon Daily Quest ~ News Reporter


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Jul 29, 2016
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News Reporter
The News Reporter of Sinnoh needs your help with the daily newspaper!

1) Travel to Solaceon Town and enter the house next to the PokéCenter
solaceon town.png

2) Interact with the News Reporter

He will ask for your help by bringing him a certain Pokemon in 24 hours.
newsreporter pt 2.png

The Pokemon has to be your OT but It does not matter when you've caught it. You don't have to catch the Pokemon after when interacting with the News Reporter if you have it already.

Things to know
- IVS and Nature does not matter
-The region the Pokemon was caught does not matter
- Giving him a shiny version of the Pokemon will double your reward. For example: you will get 2 master balls instead of 1

WARNING: If you do not bring the required Pokemon within 24 hours, your quest will reset back to day 1. For example: If you interact with the News Reporter on day 5 and you do not bring the Pokemon in 24 hours, you will start the quest back to day 1. Make sure to remind yourself.

Doing the quest daily gives you rewards.

Day 1
x15 Leppa Berries
leppa berries.png

Day 2
x10 Ultra Balls
ultra balls.png

Day 3
x5 Revival Herbs

revival herb.png

Day 4
x2 Rare Candies
rare candy.png

Day 5

x1 Razor Fang | x1 Up-Grade

4 items.png

Day 6
x1 Master Ball

Day 7
x2 Game Coins | x1 Reroll Ticket | x1 Skull Fossil | x1 Silver Disc
2 items.png

silver disc.png

Day 1-4 & 6 rewards are always the same. Day 5 & 7 you have a chance to get either of the items.

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