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Staff Guides How to record your screen and upload a video


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Oct 2, 2016
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Hello everyone and welcome to another guide to help you for the Official Legendary Tournament Round Two.
In this guide I will teach you how to record your screen and ingame actions (Using OBS and Fraps) and how to upload a video to Youtube. The programs you will meet below have more tools and settings than what I am showing, I just compiled the basic tools for each program since there is no need to overcomplicate. I advise you to try it out in the meanwhile, so when you actually need to record it will be easy and you will find the perfect settings for your taste. Also if you find any error, you didn't understand what I wrote, or you want something to be added here, post a reply quoting me so I can edit the topic.
Without further ado, let's get started.​

Using OBS

Step 1: Download OBS
Step 2: Install it

Step 3: Open the program / Add Settings

Click on the "+" on the Sources table and add:
- Display Capture
- Game Capture
(This should make you able to record if you use the Client on Window Mode or Full Screen)
Once you do this, the display should start showing like your screen multiple times.

Small note if you want to change anything...
Click on Settings:
Click on Video on your left bar, it should appear a menu with the resolution, this can be usefull, since you can use it in a lower resolution so the video file doesn't become big and taking more time to upload.

Click on Output on your left bar, it should appear a menu where you can choose where you want the video file to appear and in which format you want for it, as shown in the picture below.

After you made that settings changes remember to click on "Apply" then "Ok" to implement them
Step 4: Recording
Start recording by clicking on the botton "Start Recording" in the client, once you want to stop recording, instead of "Start Recording", there will be a "Stop Recording". After clicking on "Stop Recording", in some moments, the video file will be in the folder you choose to use.
Using Fraps

Step 1: Download Fraps
Step 2: Install it
Step 3: Open the Program / Add Settings

It should appear a menu like the one shown in the picture below. Click on the "Movies" botton then choose the where you want the video file to appear and which key you want use to start recording.

Step 4: Recording
With Fraps open in the background, enter in the Client you are going to use, once you are ready to start recording, press the key you choose to start recording and it will start. Once you are done recording press again in the key you used to start and in short moments a video file will appear in the folder you choose to use.

How to Upload to Youtube

Step 1: Go to Youtube and do an account.
If you have a Gmail Account it can be linked and you will have instantly to Youtube. If you already have, skip this step.
Step 2: Do a Youtube Channel
In the top left corner click on the page and a small tab will appear, once there click on "My Channel".

Step 3: Upload a video
Once the channel is created, click on "Upload a video", it will show a new page where you can drag the video file to there or click on the image and choose the file location in your device. Once you are uploading you can edit the information about the video. Remember to press Publish at the end of the upload. Once you press Publish a new page should appear and it will show the link of the video you just upload on youtube.

I hope this guide will help someone, once gain I advise you to try it out in the meanwhile so you get familiar to the programs and if you find any error or something you would like to add here post a reply quoting me in this topic so I can edit.
Best of luck and have fun :)
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Apr 16, 2016
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What a great guide, i have looked for such a guide since i started PvP.

Good job and tyvm! :Heart:


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Nov 21, 2015
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¡Excellent guide Shamac! :Smile:
Although i prefer Action and PlaysTV to record :Shy:


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May 2, 2016
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like this or have I to enable full screen?