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[REWORK] Contributor Role 2019

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Contributor Rework

How to contribute as normal player

  • Be a part of the community. The best, by far, way to contribute to PRO and help to make it more enjoyable is simply to play it. Promote the game by word-of-mouth in your circle of friends or over the internet. Being a user and advocate, helps spread the word about our game, which has no marketing budget and can therefore only rely on its community to become more mainstream.

  • Donate. PRO is an online fan made free-2-play Pokémon MMORPG by fans for fans, but it can still benefit from user donations in many ways. Donations towards PRO are going towards server maintenance and its future development. All staff members and developers are unpaid fans and volunteers. Donations can be made via coin purchases in-game.
Please note that this alone does not grant the contributor role!

Official Contributor for PRO
Contributors are active and outstanding players that contribute to the PRO community in a consistent and meaningful way.
They count either as Streamers/Youtubers, Forum Helpers, Wiki Editors.

The contributor role can be obtained by contributing in many different ways, like doing videos/streaming, helping on forum through the creation of guides and the help on the resolution center, or being a wiki editor.
All the roles have different requirements to meet to join the role, however there are some general requirements that all of them share.

General Requirements
  • Having a clean infraction history. Depending on what the severity of the infractions commited was and the point in time at which they happened, staff may make the decision to not consider the said infraction/s.
    • Clean Infraction history includes as well serious infractions (e.g Permanent Bans, Toxic Behaviour, Continuous posting of Inappropriate content) on the OFFICIAL PRO Discord as that's a big part of our community. Minor infractions such as typing in the wrong channel or having posted once too many emotes do not count.
    • Some infractions might not be considered as the account owner might not be responsible for a specific action (e.g Internet Connection crashes during a Trade, and the situation is solved through the appeal section)
  • Be a good example for the community.

Methods of Contribution

Forum Assistance
  • Description
    • Forum Assistance Contributors write high quality guides and/or help in the General Support subforum.
    • These guides can be about quest walkthroughs, game mechanics and Pokemon knowledge.
      Translating guides or making non-english guides also count to this category as long as they credit the original creators!
  • Requirements (No need to meet both of them, but at least one)
    • Consistent contribution in forums, whether through direct assistance to other players or in the form of public guides is expected. High-effort guides of demonstrable use to the community are encouraged - as a minimum, we would like to see two months of active participation and helpful posts in General Support, a single well-constructed and high-effort guide, or several quest walkthrough-level guides.
      • An example of high effort guides is this: BOSS GUIDE meanwhile quest walkthrough guides, which require less effort, could be the one of the legendary pokemon quests.

      • Any form of forum assistance, from guides to help in the resolution center sub-forum, must contain correct and detailed information.

  • Description
    • Streamers/YouTubers deliver video content about PRO and PRO relevant topics.
    • These can be Let's Plays, guides, trailers, PVP or promotional videos.
  • Requirements
    • Consistent contribution in the form of streams or videos over the course of at least two months is expected. The minimum acceptable contribution is one video or stream every week.
      • Views may be considered during the general staff review of the applicants/application. Videos with 2 views, short videos or videos with a poor quality can receive a lower value than a video with a high quality, high effort made to the creation of such content and with many views.
  • Support on PRO's part
    • PRO YouTube Bot will post your videos automatically in PRO's video-streams channel.

  • Description
    • Developers can do very versatile work. It can go from small tools to discord bots and overlays.
    • Any external tool that does not violate the rules is included in this category.
  • Requirements
    • Created content has to be accessible for all PRO players.
    • The content has to be about PRO or PRO relevant topics.
    • At least one external tool has to be presented in the application.

Wiki Editor
  • Description
    • Wiki Editors are people who keep the PRO Wiki continuously updated by creating and updating new pages/articles or updating the existing one with the most accurate information.
    • This can be for PROwiki authors and more.
  • Requirements
    • Consistent contribution as Wiki Editor with consistent updating of the existing pages and creation of new ones with the most accurate information.
      Amount of work necessary to join contributor is discussed within the staff team and may change in base of the amount of work, effort placed in the work, dedication, etc.
  • Support on PRO's part
    • PROwiki: You will get a PROwiki account and access to needed data.


  1. Contributors are role models and have to behave accordingly.
    • Toxicity leads to immediate role removal.
    • Successfully reported Contributors will lose their role, coins and can not apply for 2 months.
  2. Contributor should maintain an exemplary behaviour - even outside of the game.
    • Sharing your opinion is fine, but harassment will leads to immediate role removal!
  3. Contributors who decides to contribute even after having obtained the role have to keep a log of their activity in the Contributor Activity post that will be reviewed monthly.
  4. Staff members can not be Contributors while being staff.


  1. Every Contributor will get the Contributor role in forum and discord.
  2. Every Contributor will get access to the Contributor forum.
  3. Every Contributor will receive a Fox Mask and one exclusive item drawn from the Artist Team (it's being drawn and will be finished soon) as soon as they join the team. The exclusive item will be exclusive only to Contributor and won't be able requestable from anyone else, included staff.
    If Fox Mask will be already owned, it will be replaced with a Pancham Hat.
  4. Monthly Reward have been removed from the current contributor system as we have decided to reward Contributor one time only for the work they have done, due to that monthly work is not anymore required.


You want to apply? Please Private Message Shinohara with the following application, here on the forum!
You have to send the application to Shinohara, not to anyone else!

  • What's your username?
  • Please link your trainer card!
  • What's your contributor type?
  • What is your main server?
  • What did you do so far (with sources)?
  • Why do you want to be a contributor?
  • What do you plan to do from now on?

  • What's your username? My username is Eaty!
  • Please link your trainer card!
  • What's your contributor type? I am a a streamer-youtuber for three months!
  • What is your main server? I play on silver server!
  • What did you do so far (with sources)? I am very active and stream/make videos once/twice a week..
    Please check my youtube/twitch channel. I have made 10 videos in the last two months !
  • Why do you want to be a contributor? I want to help the game and this keeps me motivated!
  • What do you plan to do from now on? I want to learn more as content creator and want to contribute to make the game a better place and make everyone know about the existence of the game !

Please note that the more information you give us about you and your plans the more likely we are willing to give you the contributor role!

All Contributor were removed due to the rework! If you want to be Contributor again you are free to apply!
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