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  1. Neroli

    New to PRO!

  2. Neroli

    hi : )

  3. Neroli

    Staff Guides ★ Clothing and Mounts Showcase⎪Outdated ★

    Thanks! And I have no clue about that, it hasn't been decided yet. But since the PVE coins are a thing now, more content will be probably related to them.
  4. Neroli

    Help me please T.T

    The Pokemon has been restored, check the last slot of your boxes. And please next time, be careful. Have fun playing. - Locked -
  5. Neroli

    I am back

    Welcome back
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  7. Neroli

    Staff Guides ★ Clothing and Mounts Showcase⎪Outdated ★

    Well, to get the Ash Hat you must have chosen Pikachu when you started your journey and must complete this quest. About the Fox Mask, this item is usually given/won while PvP tournament, or if you're lucky enough to buy one from someone else, then this item can be tradeable. For the rest...
  8. Neroli

    Coming back to the game

    Welcome back! You better read this topic before going in-game : Server merge FAQ
  9. Neroli

    Hey YA!!

  10. Neroli

    Forgotten password. [SOLVED]

    Issue solved in PM. - Locked -
  11. Neroli

    Returning Player!

    Welcome back!
  12. Neroli

    hello all,

    Welcome !
  13. Neroli

    Staff Guides ★ Clothing and Mounts Showcase⎪Outdated ★

    Hey zoyakhan Unfortunately this item is not available for players at the moment, but maybe one day it will be the case. There's no ETA at the moment.
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  15. Neroli

    help meeeee!!!!