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    PRO Awards 2019

    PLAYER CATEGORY Smartest: Gangang Friendliest: Ic3thirst Funniest: Turles Coolest: Crucifixuz Comeback Player of the Year: Kwesi Most Talkative: Cheshireorange Most Trustworthy:Brandon98 Most Helpful: PokeStunt Most Missed: Luffygear5 Most Influential: Wolveslogic Most Intriguing: Gurrly Most...
  2. Meat

    Server Transfer - December 2019

    Server transfer Username: Meat Server to charge the money from: gold Main server: Gold to Silver
  3. Meat


    Server transfer Name: Meat Server to charge from: silver Main server to transfer to: silver to gold
  4. Meat

    shiny / pink / easter / xmas market

    Hey I buy shiny bannette for 1.7m hehe let me know (done)
  5. Meat

    Shiny and Special Auctions (update 18/7) (may be closed, ty)

    Hey Popin, I will buy your shiny qwilfish let me know if your on (finished)
  6. Meat

    Sell some shinies and bulba clone hp ice (closed)

    I buy your shiny solrock, pm me #meat
  7. Meat

    Rharomy's shiny shop (from 10k to millions+)

    wtb shiny lunatone pm me if your online :)
  8. Meat

    50.000 Discord Giveaway

    In-Game Name: Meat Discord Tag: Shaun#9831 Server: Silver How often do you use Discord? 1 to 2 times everyday What is one suggestion you have for PRO Discord? I think it would be cool if we can make an event in discord every 2 to 3 times in a month, so far it's all good. :-)
  9. Meat

    Resolved How many tiles is in the clan logo in game?

    I wanted to create a chicken logo if its possible or a turkey lol
  10. Meat

    The loading page is taking so long or it dont work so I have to restart it

    Maybe I have to reinstall it again
  11. Meat

    The loading page is taking so long or it dont work so I have to restart it

    I mean when your in game and going to other places it doesnt load several times
  12. Meat

    The loading page is taking so long or it dont work so I have to restart it

    Hi, its been happening several times, my client is updated
  13. Meat

    Silver Server Phoenix Guild [Silver Server] - Recruiting ALL Players [International]

    1. What's your Player name (IGN)? Meat 2. Number of hours played? 3 hours (will be playing more) 3. What's your favorite Pokemon? Stantler and houdoum 4. How old are you? 20 5. When's your Birthday? (Optional) April 9, 1998, I will just give it a try since I'm new to the server haha and...