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PRO Mapping tilesheets. [Mapping]

Here is the basic tilesheets for aspiring mappers alongside some instructions to get started.

- Download Tiled Map Editor at https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled
This is the program to create your maps, and is very similar to how we create in-game maps.

- Download PRO's basic tilesheet.
These contain the basic map tiles, to start out and get to know how it works.

- Layer studies.
We use 4 layers in the creating of a map.
> Layer 1 (Bottom layer) is for floors.
> Layer 2 and 3 are for tiles that can't be placed as Layer 1. Flowers, Trees, and so on.
> Layer 3 must be used for water edges and stairs.
> Layer 4 (Top layer) is used for tree-tops, top of buildings, bridges to surf under, and so on.

Click here to download.
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