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Here is a list of the most common questions and issues with information to approach or solve the problem at hand.
We hope this is enough to help you; if not, please let us know by posting about your issue specifically in General Support.
Best of luck and have fun playing.

You may find Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) helpful if you're searching for a specific term.

  • Common Issues
    • Registration Issues
    • How to update the client
    • Client download & issues
    • Status of the server & Connection issues
    • Patcher Issue
    • Crash issues
    • Ban message
    • Lost by crash issues, disconnections and rollback
    • User already logged in
    • Merge
    • Pokemon cannot learn move which should learn by level up
    • Pokemon cannot relearn move which have in moveset
  • Arrival of updates
    • New contents, regions, features, updates.
  • Recover a released Pokémon, Deleveling and Trade-Evolution help

  • Common Questions
    • Name Changes / Server Transfers / Account Resets
    • Linux Client
    • Price of MS and Inflation
    • My thread has been locked
  • Useful links
    • PRO Rules
    • Reporting a player
    • Reporting a bug or glitch
    • Other useful links, threads, guides

Verifying the email on Dashboard

With the recent update of our website, it is not anymore necessary to activate the account after the registration in order to play.

However, in the future, a new Dashboard will be created and, in order to use all the features on that, it will be necessary to verify your email.
Due to that, it is suggested to avoid using temporary emails but to use instead Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo emails as they are the most reliable and most likely to not experience any issue of receiving the email.
It is also good to note that receiving the email might need up to 30 minutes and that sometimes the email gets automatically sent in the junk/spam.
In case you should not receive the email, you can check the EMAIL ISSUES thread for more details and you can resend it by using the following link <ADD DASHBOARD LINK WHEN WILL BE RELEASED>

Keep in mind that any username used in a failed registration attempt will be locked for up to 7 days, at which point if still not activated it will become available again.

How to update the client
Sometimes, when we update Pokémon Revolution Online, it is necessary to update your client. You can know when updating your client is necessary from our announcements on our OFFICIAL PRO DISCORD and because, when trying to log in the game, a error pop-up appears and tell you that you're not using the latest version of the client.
If you have Windows, you can simply restart your client and the autopatcher will update your client, unless an announcement on discord says to completely redownload even if you are windows user.
For what regard Mac and Android, that have not an autopatcher, to update your client the normal procedure is the following:

Client download & issues
Sometimes, even after following the normal procedure of deleting the old file and downloading the latest client, it is possible to encounter problems. This includes download issues and the "outdated client" error despite the latest client having been downloaded.
To resolve these issues, it is necessary to follow the steps here below:
  • Mac
  • Windows
    • Restart your client to autopatch or remove all files and download the client again from PRO CLIENT DOWNLOAD.
If you are not able to solve your issue with the procedures listed above, please create a thread in the GENERAL SUPPORT. We will be happy to assist you.

Status of the Server
When you are not able to log in the game due to a connection error, the first thing to check is whether the servers are online or not . To do that, you can join our OFFICIAL PRO DISCORD and use the command ^up in the #bot-commands channel.
Please, do note that we always announce our maintenances and restarts on discord and that, if the server would be offline, that means that an unexpected crash occurred.
Keep in mind that, as Pokémon Revolution Online is a game in BETA, we're always trying to improve our server stability, but it isn't perfect and can sometimes still result to a crash.

In case the server should be offline, please refrain from creating threads on the forum about that, as that is forbidden, and be patient until further announcement.
If the server should be instead online, but you still cannot connect to the game, please take your time to read below the "can't connect to the game" or create a thread in the GENERAL SUPPORT if it didn't help.

Can't connect to the Server
Follow these steps and you will be fine:
  • Please confirm that the server is online by using the command ^up in the bot-commands of the PRO OFFICIAL DISCORD

  • Always make sure your client is up to date! For Windows, the autopatcher often does this but please check regardless. For other platforms, you must download the lastest client from here: PRO CLIENT DOWNLOAD (delete the old client before extracting the new one). You will be given a prompt before logging in ("Out of date version") if your downloaded client is not updated.

  • If you are able to see a "Logging in" prompt and it fades, please be patient as at this point, the client is attempting to establish a connection and/or will place your account in a temporary "ghost" queue. Afterwards, you will be placed into the server at a later time without being able to see the queue box. It happens when many people attempt to join at once, so try to log and wait a bit.

  • If you are receiving a “Server locked” prompt, then that means that the server has been locked by an Administrator and a server maintenance is imminent. Check the 2nd step and remember that an announcement will be made on our PRO OFFICIAL DISCORD once the server will be back online.

Patcher Issue (windows-only feature)
With the latest update, an autopatcher has been created in order to permit to update the client without downloading again the whole client at each update.
Unfortunately, this is a feature available only for the Windows users, as for now we have not a way to make one for Mac & Android. Nevertheless, if in the future an autopatcher should be added even on android and Mac, we will announce it on our OFFICIAL PRO DISCORD.

As the autopatcher is still a new feature, bugs and issues may be experienced any time. However, our developer has created a thread that includes solutions for common issues. It is possible to find that thread here: WINDOWS - PROBLEM WITH THE PATCHER
If you should not be able to solve your issue, please make a thread in the GENERAL SUPPORT , provide the patchererror.txt and describe your issue.

Crash issues
Sometimes, it is possible to encounter client issues such as crash, freeze or client lags. The first thing suggested to do in these cases is to delete all the old pro files and folders that you have on your device, including the temporary files (https://tinyurl.com/deletetempfiles) and the trashbin, and then redownload the latest client from here: PRO CLIENT DOWNLOAD.

If the said procedure should not fix those issues, here there are other methods that you can try:

Other possible solutions to the crash issues:
  • Run the game in compatibility mode
  • Update your Display/Graphical Drivers
  • Add an exception for the client in your Firewall and Antivirus
  • Update your Windows Version
  • Clear out your Physical Memory or Ram to free up space
  • Terminate processes you don't need in the Task Manager

Sometimes, it is even possible that the issue is caused by the unzip software. Therefore, trying to unzip with a different one may help:
  • Windows
    • Unzip file without using WinRAR or 7zip or, if not used them before, try them.
  • Mac
    Unzip the client using one of the following sofrwares:​

Hit by a ban
Please login on your PRO Dashboard to find out the reason for your ban, and give us feedback on your reason. If it doesn't say your account is banned, this can be caused by a few things, your account isn't banned but something on your connection is.

  • Are you using Proxy?
    Try not using it, and then test again

  • Are you trying to play at home/work/school?
    Your school/work or any public connection, they could have had their IP blocked already or be blocking the game on their network, you would need to ask them to find if that's the case

  • It could also be your provider blocking the game, which case you could try contacting your internet provider to try and get it unblocked as seen in this post
    You could also use a VPN although you should check you're allowed first.

If you are indeed banned, please post an appeal in the Discipline Appeals section.

Lost by crash issues, disconnections and rollback
Some times when the game crashes/stuck, you might lose some of your progress Keep in mind that game is in BETA and crashes can happen any time. you will not be given anything you lost in rollback/crash/stuck as it's responsibility. Please take the time to read the following thread Hit by a rollback. We are so sorry for your case, however, further action can not be taken for it.

Player stuck
  • Try Alt+Tab
  • Use an Escape Rope
  • Try battling another player and losing, this should bring you back to your last visited Pokecenter
  • Try typing /ref into the chat bar, or clicking the refresh arrow on the bottom toolbar
  • Log out, and then back in
If you are still stuck you can ask for help by asking in our official Discord server or create a topic in the Support and Troubleshooting section.

User already logged in
Unfortunately, this is a server-side glitch that can happen from time to time. Whenever this occurs, wait 10 minutes then try and log in a couple of times.
If waiting 10 minutes should not solve the issue, please make a thread in the GENERAL SUPPORT and we will assist you.

Merge - Cannot log in silver
If you've played back when the Red, Blue, and Yellow servers existed and cannot log into the Silver server specifically, be sure that you've already merged your previous Red & Blue accounts as you will not be able to log into Silver otherwise. For instructions on merging your account, or if you've already merged your accounts but are still encountering errors, please go to the EVERYTHING ABOUT THE MERGE for more information.

Pokemon cannot learn move which should learn by level up
Some moveset of pokemon hasn't been updated yet, please be patient until it can be added. Unfortunately we can't give you an ETA on when new things will be coded in or updated within the game. Please keep an eye on the Update Logs, as that's where you'll find news about features that have been recently coded into the game.

Pokemon cannot relearn move which have in moveset
For some reasons, there are too many moves already in the tutor, so relearn some old move which is close to the move you need in the moveset. So it will appear the move which not appear at first time. Sometime, it can take some tries (make sure you are not in the case "Pokemon cannot learn move which should learn by level up")

New Content and Regions Launch
Unfortunately, there is no Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for new content or regions. Once said features are meant to be added to the game, it will be announced properly with the time that the new content will take to arrive on the Announcements subforum and on our OFFICIAL PRO Discord. Please be patient with us and keep in mind that the team is working as much as possible to provide new content and features for the community.

Accidentally released the wrong Pokemon
If you have accidentally released the wrong Pokemon there's a chance it can be recovered by us. In order to request this, please read the following steps:
  • You'll need to make a post in Restore Pokemon Megathread making sure to bring it to our attention as soon as possible, as the database of released Pokemon is regularly cleared to free up space so the longer the time between release and your request, the less likely it will be possible.

  • You will need the ID number of the Pokemon. This is shown in the chat box when released as well as on the card that shows your Pokemon's stats.

  • Make the post from the account the Pokemon was released from.

Pokemon reached level 100 without fully evolving
If you've accidentally leveled your Pokemon to 100 before allowing it to reach it's last evolutionary stage, you may request to have your Pokemon deleveled in the Evolution & Deleveling Request Megathread, and a staff member will drop your Pokemon's level when available. To do that, please make sure to create a post in the said thread and type your server and the ID of the Pokémon.

Request staff help for trade-evolutions
If you should need to evolve a Pokémon that requires a trade in order to evolve, and you should not have someone trustworthy to help you, you can request our help by creating a post in the Evolution & Deleveling Request Megathread making sure to type which is the Pokémon you would like to trade-evolve, your server and your timezone.

Name Changes / Server Transfers / Account Resets
During the year, it is possible that we offer a username change, server transfer, or account reset for a limited amount of time. Unfortunately, there is not any estimated or specific time as for when we will offer the chance to change username, transfer server and reset account again. However, once we will, we will make an announcement on our OFFICIAL PRO Discord in order to inform our players about that.
For future reference you can check the old post: NAME CHANGE , ACCOUNT RESET , SERVER TRANSFER

Linux Client
Unfortunately, we're not providing any support for Linux users at this time. We may have support in the future, but this is not guaranteed.
Basically, it's because our Developer can't build a Linux version with IL2CPP.
You'll simply have to wait until a potential Linux client is released in the future. However, there is no estimated time for this and it's not certain that one will ever come out due to technical restraints. Please do note that PRO staff are volunteers and act in their own time.
Nevertheless, if you would like to play you can try to follow this guide made by one of our players: INSTALL PRO ON LINUX

Price of MS and Inflation (Source)
I can appreciate the frustration caused by this matter, however no changes will be made and I will explain here why as best I can. I will also cover other topics raised in this thread to the best of my ability. As there are a few, and if I miss one, I do apologize.

Firstly, a reminder what Membership actually is. Membership, along with other items in the Coin Shop, was introduced as a method of producing income via donations to the game, in order to support the growing community. Please note that we do not ever force Players to buy anything from the Coin Shop. Everything found in the Coin Shop is an additional perk - where you receive something in return, of your choosing, for your generosity and as a thank you for supporting the game.

The game was initially made to support only a handful of players. During our busiest periods, for example in May prior to the Blue server being introduced - we had queues of over an hour in some cases for Players to log in. Now we have three Servers to run and maintain, each holding 1800 spots.
I say this in regards to the Automation Software and Real World/Money Trading situation - the percentage of the community that uses automation software is probably the same as it ever was. The difference now is that due to a huge-scale ban by Shane, Players are aware of it.
Nothing has changed, but public perception.

PRO is an MMO, unfortunately in every community - real life, MMO or otherwise, there are people who seek personal gain and give no regards to the consequences of their actions. This results in things such as inflation, monopolisation and general unrest and rule breaking.
We are not responsible for human nature, however, we do our best to create a fair community as best as we can. Please appreciate that we use our free time to do this, we are all volunteers around full-time jobs, families and other commitments.
Rules are made available on our Homepage, and our forums. We also ask that when you register, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the game, and they are linked there also. We provide all the resources possible to give as many chances as possible for people to correct their behaviour. If they choose to accept these T&Cs and then break them, then they are punished according to our Punishment Policy.

In regards to the economy of PRO, there is a simple solution to this however, again, due to human nature, will most likely not be acted on. The same way that the price of Membership has risen, it can also fall by process of undercutting. If you create a competitive market, where you sell for lower than another seller, in order to sell the item yourself instead of losing the sale to someone else, gradually the price will fall. But as said, people seek personal gain above all else and the likelihood of this happening is very slim.
The way we try to counter-act this is to provide money sinks such as Subways and Item Selling NPCs. At this point in time, we would just cause further uproar if we raised the price of these types of money sinks or introduced an excessive amount of them.

My thread has been locked
Staff often have to lock threads for reasons other than they have been solved and finished with, this can include:
  • The thread has just become an argument and has strayed from the original purpose so is locked for the better of the community to prevent further arguing
  • Your post has been answered in a "Read before posting" thread, this stops unnecessary discussions
  • Everything that needs to be said has been and there's no potential different outcome, this stops the thread going round in circles when the outcome will be no different
  • The thread is malicious/toxic and there's no constructive reasoning
While these reasons may seem unfair to an individual, staff have to look out for the experience of the community as a whole. The decision made to close a thread is what they deem best in that situation.

PRO Rules
You can find the complete rules of Pokemon Revolution Online at the following link: PRO RULES
Do note that once you register to PRO, you accept terms/conditions/rules. Breaking any of them may result in punishments.

Reporting a player
If you notice or suffer from any rule-breaking behavior done by another player, we encourage you to report said player in the Report Center under the server you play on. It is important that you gather evidence which you will present to us in your report; to learn more about gathering proper evidence and how to upload said evidence to the forums, please look at the How to Report guide.

Reporting a game bug or glitch
First, please ensure that the glitch or bug you've encountered is not already covered in this guide, as there may already be a solution for your issue without needing special assistance from a staff member. Keep in mind that server crashes, rollbacks, and so on are not considered a game bug or glitch; please read Hit by a Rollback? for more guidance on this subject.
If you suffer from a glitch or a bug that isn't covered here, please report it in the Bug Resolution Center and describe what exactly occurred, with screenshots if possible. If you're unsure which category to place your bug report under, simply report it in the General Bugs section as it garners the most attention and will likely be moved by a staff member if it was posted in the improper location.

Other useful links
Contribution: Windypuff, Pixiu, Hideliet, Reikou, Shaui, Shary, Neroli, Juliph, Shinohara
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