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Here is a list of the most common issues in the forum and how to solve them.
We hope this is enough to help you, best of luck and have fun playing.

You may use Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) if you're searching for a specific term.


  • New Regions Launch (Works for other planned content/features launch)

Unfortunately, there is no Estimated Time of Arrival for said features, once this is meant to be added to the game, it will be announced properly with the time that the new content will take to arrive on the Announcements subforum. The team is working as much as possible to bring it as soon as possible.

  • Out of date client or Cannot download

Download the latest client version here.
Due to technical constraints, the Android client will always be a bit delayed before being released with the other client versions. So please be patient and refrain from spamming threads about it. Thank you, and apologies for the inconvenience.
In some cases, if you re-download the client but still see the out-of-date message at the login screen, you will need to clear your cache. You can use CCleaner for that.
If you're using a shortcut to launch the game, then you will need to update that as well. Finally, make sure you've fully removed the game files from previous, outdated clients before re-installing.

  • Client Mirror Links

Mega NZ

Google Drive download limit reached
1. Copy/Add the file to your own Google drive
2. Make a copy of that file in your drive
3. Download the copy

1. Find the file you want to download
2. Right click on the file you require
3. Hover over downloads and click standard download
4. Wait for download to complete

1. Find the file you want to download
2. Left-click on the file you want to download
3. (If it asks you if you are a robot) do the Captcha then click authorize download
4. Click download

Thanks to AussieGamer1994 and EllH for the instructions

  • Hit by a "Cannot connect to server" message

Follow these steps and you will be fine:
1. Check your requirements.

2. Please confirm that the server is online via the official server status link here.
Sometimes, the server can go down, but the website can show it as being online. Please be patient and try to use the F5 button again.

3. Please make sure your e-mail is confirmed, as you can login in forum without a confirmation, but you need it in-game.

4. Always make sure your client is up to date! You must download a new client each time when a new update is released: Client Download Repository (delete the old client before extracting the new one). You will be given a prompt before logging in ("Out of date version") if your downloaded client is not updated.

5. If you are receiving a "Can not connect to server" prompt, the best course of action to take would be to completely close the client, relaunch it and try again. Please read carefully step 2 before you read this step. Almost most cases for "Cannot connect to server" prompt is the server being down.

If you are able to see a "Logging in" prompt and it fades, please be patient as at this point, the client is attempting to establish a connection and/or will place your account in a temporary "ghost" queue. Afterwards, you will be placed into the server at a later time without being able to see the queue box. It happens when having many people join in server, so try to restart your client and try again. It can take 3-5 times for the queue to be shown.

If you are receiving a “Server locked” prompt, then that means that the server has been locked by an Administrator and a server maintenance is imminent. So follow step 2 and wait for the server reboot to be done.

6. If after loading up the launcher (and after when you press the "Login" button) the message "Connecting to server" appears and afterwards the screen freezes and nothing happens you will need to completely close the client and open it again (it can happen 3-5 times). Also always check if the server is down!

  • Crash issues or other issues

▪︎ Win7 Guide
▪︎ Win10 Crash Fix
▪︎ Android Guide
▪︎ Mac Guide
▪︎ PRO on Linux Guide
▪︎ Black screen and Failed to load mono fix

Other solution for crash (follow 3 steps)
1. Unzip file without using WinRAR or 7zip
2. Disable anti-virus program
3. Restart computer

Mac UnZip Programs Suggestions
1. The Unarchiver
2. WinZip5
3. Keka
4. BetterZiip

Others solution:
Update driver and reinstall Direct X

Also, remember to delete all the past PRO clients and folders you might have in your device, including the temporary files (https://tinyurl.com/deletetempfiles), and even from the trashbin, before you download the new client.

  • Registration email issues or activation link not working

If you're not receiving the registration email, Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo emails are the most likely to receive it so trying again with one of those should remedy that, if you're already using one of those check your junk mail and then if still nothing, make sure you typed it correctly (It occasionally isn't instant but hasn't been known to take longer than 30 minutes)
If you receive the email but the link says "Your account could not be activated" then try logging in here as often it still activates, if you could log in there you should be good to log into the game.
If you couldn't log in please read the Email issues thread for more details.
Any username used in a failed registration attempt will be locked for up to 7 days, at which point if still not activated it will become available again.

  • Hit by a ban

Please login on your PRO Dashboard to find out the reason for your ban, and give us feedback on your reason. If it doesn't say your account is banned, this can be caused by a few things, your account isn't banned but something on your connection is.

▪︎ Are you using Proxy?​
Try not using it, and then test again​
▪︎ Are you trying to play at home/work/school?​
Your school/work or any public connection, they could have had their IP blocked already or be blocking the game on their network, you would need to ask them to find if that's the case​
It could also be your provider blocking the game, which case you could try contacting your internet provider to try and get it unblocked as seen in this post​
You could also use a VPN although you should check you're allowed first.​

If you are indeed banned, please post an appeal in the Discipline Appeals section.

  • Stuck

▪︎ Try Alt+Tab
▪︎ Use an Escape Rope
▪︎ Try battling another player and losing, this should bring you back to your last visited Pokecenter
▪︎ Try typing /ref into the chat bar, or clicking the refresh arrow on the bottom toolbar
▪︎ Log out, and then back in
▪︎ Close the whole client and start PRO again

If you are still stuck you can ask for help by asking in our official Discord server or create a topic in the Support and Troubleshooting section.

  • User already logged in

Unfortunately, this is a server-side glitch that can happen from time to time. Whenever this occurs, wait 5 minutes then try and log in a couple of times.

  • Black screen when launching the client

If you have a black screen instead of the login screen when you start your game client, here are the quick steps to follow for an easy fix:

▪︎ Change your desktop screen resolution
▪︎ Launch your PRO game client
▪︎ Revert your resolution change back to your initial one

Note that this is not a fix to the "stuck at loading map screen" issue, for which you will have to create a topic about, if you encounter it.

  • Fatal Error: Failed to Load Mono

For those who are running any OS below Windows 10:

▪︎ Delete your PRO files
▪︎ Disable Microsoft security essential/Windows Defender
▪︎ Unzip PRO current version again
▪︎ Add PRO folder to the "exclusion list" of MSE/WD
▪︎ Enable Microsoft Security Essential/Windows Defender

For those who are running Windows 10:

▪︎ Disable Windows Defender
▪︎ Unzip PRO again
▪︎ Add the folder to the "exclusion list" of Windows Defender
▪︎ Re-enable Windows Defender

The source for both workarounds listed above is here.

If you're running Windows 10 and the above workaround doesn't work for you, alternatively try this source here:

▪︎ Have your Windows Defender on
▪︎ Remove the files and unzip again
▪︎ Open the game and close it
▪︎ Go to the Windows balloon in the right corner
▪︎ Open the virus scan
▪︎ Restore the quarantined file
▪︎ Open the game again, it should work now.
▪︎ To avoid doing this in the future, add the game folder as an exception in your antivirus.

  • Accidentally released the wrong Pokemon

If you have accidentally released thee wrong Pokemon there's a chance it could be recovered, though will not be regularly repeated for the same players, everyone makes mistakes but doing over and over again is carelessness. Restoring deleted Pokemon is a one time opportunity, think twice before posting a request to restore it.

▪︎ You will need to have brought it to staffs attention ASAP, the database of released Pokemon is regularly cleared to free up space so the longer the time between release and your request, the less likely it will be possible.
▪︎ The Pokemon will need to be worth recovering, if it's easily replaceable such as a low level common Pokemon with average IVs, it wont be recovered and you'll just need to catch a replacement.
▪︎ You'll need to make a post in Restore Pokemon Megathread including released in the title so it's not missed.
▪︎ You will require the ID number of the Pokemon, this is shown in the chat box when released or on the card which opens when you view your Pokemon's stats.
▪︎ Make the post from the account the Pokemon was released from.

  • Pokemon is missing the move it should have

Unfortunately, the moveset of some Pokemon hasn't been updated yet, which will need patience and time for an update (no estimate time). You can keep the eye in the Update Logs and In-game Update Logs for informations.

  • Pokemon cannot learn move which should learn by level up

Some moveset of pokemon hasn't been updated yet, please be patient until it can be added. Unfortunately we can't give you an ETA on when new things will be coded in or updated within the game. Please keep an eye on the Update Logs, as that's where you'll find news about features that have been recently coded into the game.

  • Pokemon cannot relearn move which have in moveset

For some reasons, there are too many moves already in the tutor, so relearn some old move which is close to the move you need in the moveset. So it will appear the move which not appear at first time. Sometime, it can take some tries (make sure you are not in the case "Pokemon cannot learn move which should learn by level up")

  • Bag Glitch and Crash

This glitch is caused when there was a change in your bag items from the last time to the first time you open that during a battle. When you click the bag during the battle the client will have a small crash (most of the times gets solved just by waiting a few moments) as it is updating the bag information.
The longer the time between each opening of the bag the longer the crash will be, players usually experience it when running from a lot of common battles whilst hunting for a rare pokemon.
To prevent this issue open the bag every 5-10 minutes in battle, as it will maintain your bag updated.


  • Transfer or Reset account

We will not. You are entitled to create another account; as the rules state you can have only 1 per e-mail address (you are permitted to have up to 4 accounts per person) or play in other servers as each server have different save. Staff will not disable, transfer, delete, or reset your account.

  • Lost by crash issues (Including disconnections and rollbacks)

Some times when the game crashes/stuck, you might lose your a bit of your progress. Keep in mind that game is in BETA and crashes can happen any time. You will not be given anything you lost in a rollback/crash/stuck as it's responsibility. Please take the time to read the following thread Hit by a rollback. We are so sorry for your case, however, it will not have any action go further for your case.

  • Pokemon evolved by mistake

Staff have found a method to evolve pokemon at level 100. You can use the Pokemon Evolution Request Megathread to request a staff member to assist you in evolving the Pokemon. If you need an evolution item, make sure you have the item on hand before you request. Do note that this will not work with area evolves, such as Magneton evolving to Magnezone which requires you to level up inside the Power Plant. It's recommended to evolve your Pokemon around level 97-98 to avoid any unexpected issues in this case.

  • Price of MS and Inflation (Source)

I can appreciate the frustration caused by this matter, however no changes will be made and I will explain here why as best I can. I will also cover other topics raised in this thread to the best of my ability. As there are a few, and if I miss one, I do apologize.

Firstly, a reminder what Membership actually is. Membership, along with other items in the Coin Shop, was introduced as a method of producing income via donations to the game, in order to support the growing community. Please note that we do not ever force Players to buy anything from the Coin Shop. Everything found in the Coin Shop is an additional perk - where you receive something in return, of your choosing, for your generosity and as a thank you for supporting the game.

The game was initially made to support only a handful of players. During our busiest periods, for example in May prior to the Blue server being introduced - we had queues of over an hour in some cases for Players to log in. Now we have three Servers to run and maintain, each holding 1800 spots.
I say this in regards to the Automation Software and Real World/Money Trading situation - the percentage of the community that uses automation software is probably the same as it ever was. The difference now is that due to a huge-scale ban by Shane, Players are aware of it.
Nothing has changed, but public perception.

PRO is an MMO, unfortunately in every community - real life, MMO or otherwise, there are people who seek personal gain and give no regards to the consequences of their actions. This results in things such as inflation, monopolisation and general unrest and rule breaking.
We are not responsible for human nature, however, we do our best to create a fair community as best as we can. Please appreciate that we use our free time to do this, we are all volunteers around full-time jobs, families and other commitments.
Rules are made available on our Homepage, and our forums. We also ask that when you register, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the game, and they are linked there also. We provide all the resources possible to give as many chances as possible for people to correct their behaviour. If they choose to accept these T&Cs and then break them, then they are punished according to our Punishment Policy.

In regards to the economy of PRO, there is a simple solution to this however, again, due to human nature, will most likely not be acted on. The same way that the price of Membership has risen, it can also fall by process of undercutting. If you create a competitive market, where you sell for lower than another seller, in order to sell the item yourself instead of losing the sale to someone else, gradually the price will fall. But as said, people seek personal gain above all else and the likelihood of this happening is very slim.
The way we try to counter-act this is to provide money sinks such as Subways and Item Selling NPCs. At this point in time, we would just cause further uproar if we raised the price of these types of money sinks or introduced an excessive amount of them.

  • My thread has been locked

Staff often have to lock threads for reasons other than they have been solved and finished with, this can include:
▪︎ The thread has just become an argument and has strayed from the original purpose so is locked for the better of the community to prevent further arguing
▪︎ Your post has been answered in a "Read before posting" thread, this stops unnecessary discussions
▪︎ Everything that needs to be said has been and there's no potential different outcome, this stops the thread going round in circles when the outcome will be no different
▪︎ The thread is malicious/toxic and there's no constructive reasoning

While these reasons may seem unfair to an individual, staff have to look out the the experience of the community as a whole and so may have made a decision they view is for the best in that situation


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