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Finished Android - New dpad explained


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Mar 3, 2018
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So as you've probably noticed your Android experience has changed, hopefully this thread will explain the new input mechanism and how it differs from the old one.

New dpad
Touching the screen will now show this, the 'dpad'

This dpad is stationary (once it appears it will not move until the finger is lifted from the screen)
It will only show when you touch the screen and will appear centered on the point of contact. Removing your contact means it will disappear (so for it to be used you must drag your finger around the screen).

The area contained by the circle is a dead zone, this means that while your finger is in it, you will not move.

The active zones are outside this circle and extend at 45°, 135°, 225° and 315° to the edge of your screen.

Dragging your finger from one of the zones into a new zone will change your direction. Returning it to the circle or removing it from the screen will make you stop.

This means that to go to left then right then left you need to cross over a stationary zone (set coordinates of the dpad circle) or lift finger off screen

The dpad doesn't allow continual movement on one axis (vertical or horizontal).

So there are no images for the old dpad because it was either invisible or so tiny I never saw it. Personally I wouldn't have called it a dpad at all. How did the old movement function?

Movement required a drag, to go left you drag left, to go right you drag right.
Holding (after drag and without lifting) on the screen would continue the direction of travel.
In order to change direction you just dragged in a new direction (lifting off the screen was not required)(passing over set coordinates not required)

This method allowed for continual movement on one axis (vertical or horizontal) without stopping.