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Resolved Connection Lost

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Nov 12, 2018
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Connection to server Silver is bad allways lost 20-30 time per day . while server Gold is very good . but now how to play when i donate for item in Silver but just can play in Gold . You must fix this please !
yeah me too server silver =/
I am facing same problem scince morningView attachment 83141
Ya same problem
Currently having the same issue :(
Hi there !

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
The servers were down due to technical difficulties and they are now back online.

I would also like to inform you that our developers are already working on solving these issues but unfortunately it is not really easy and it can take a bit of time to solve them and therefore there is not any estimated time as for when these issue will be completely fixed.
Nevertheless, our developers are totally reworking the server python and there will be an update soon where python will be completely reimplemented in PRO and many, many other things in the server code as well and this should be enough to fix a lot of things or at least give us the chance to pinpoint the other problems and therefore fix them.

As the issue has been solved, I will now close this thread.
Have a wonderful day !
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