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Staff Guides Fishing Guide


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Nov 12, 2018
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Hi everyone and welcome to the Fishing Guide !
This guide will teach you about the fishing mechanics and its system.
Furthermore, it will help you to understand how the fishing tiers works​

Fishing is a mechanic that facilitates Pokémon-hunting in the water by enabling the player to encounter Pokémon that are exclusively fishable.I
It also allows you to encounter Pokémon that you can encounter whilst surfing
When a Pokémon can be fished, it is marked with a Fishing Rod icon in the spawn list of each map.
You can find whIch Pokémon spawn in an area by doing the commands ^s <pokemon> or ^s <map> on our OFFICIAL PRO DISCORD .
Take note that fishable Pokémon are labeled with "Fish".​

There are 3 different types of Rods, each Rod will allow the player to catch pokemon in an area.
To fish, you can select your desired rod from the Key Items Pocket of your backpack whilst you adjacent to water
You can also move the rod from your bag to the hotkey number toolbar and then press the number on your keyboard, while adjacent to water, to use it.
Using a higher tier rod than the one required to fish the Pokémon will allow the Player to initiate the encounter anyway.
You will have to wait 4 seconds between each fishing attempt.

Old Rod
It is obtainable for free by the fishing guru in a Vermilion City house.

Good Rod
It is purchasable in Fuchsia City House 1 for 15,000 pokedollars. To be able to buy this, you must first have the Old Rod.

Super Rod
It is purchasable in Olivine City House 1 (from the desk-bound NPC) for 75,000 pokedollars. To be able to buy this, you must first have the Good Rod.

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Apr 21, 2017
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I never thought someone will make a guide for fishing!
Took a good look and think it is quite nice.

Keep up the good work~
Hope this mechanic will get a revamp in the near future, to be more like how it is, in the pokemon original games.