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The FAQ Megathread.


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Nov 17, 2017
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Hello the wonderful players of Pro!
I wish all of you are having a wonderful day :CharYay:

This "guide" will be for the new players, who are kinda lost and can't find stuff due to the new forum.
I would like to start with saying that the following guides are not made by me, and giving every credit to the respective creators of them.

I also want to stress that this guide is for the mostly common questions, so if you have a more special, or different issue, make sure to contact the staff members.

Q : I have donated, but I didn't get my coins, what do I do now?
A : Make sure to make a new post here : Donations and Coins support and explain the situation.

Q : Someone scammed my pokemon, what do I do now?!
A : Refer here : How to report guide and follow the instructions, make sure to explain everything, and provide as much proof as possible.

Q : My game is crashing for some reason, please help.
A : Make sure to download the new client update always, it is crucial to have the newest client.
Also be sure to meet the basic computer requirements, or lower rhe resolution, turn off v-sync, these can help.

Q : Is the server down?
A : You can check the server status here : Server Status

Q : I got stuck in x Region, can you help?
A : Since we have a very supportive community and staff, they made entire guides on basically anything you could need help with.

Complete Kanto walkthrough + side quests, such as Free Arcanine mount! - Credits to @JollyolNathan / @Letrix
Complete Johto guide - Credits to @Arielgg
Complete Hoenn guide -Credits to @Arielgg
Complete Sinnoh guide - Credits to @Arielgg

Q: I finished the story, what do I do now?
A : There are lots of stuff to do, such as getting your dream pokemons, catching legendaries, participating in events, doing side quests, exploring the regions to fight bosses, etc.

Q: Legendary pokemons are available to catch?
A : Yes, there are some legendary pokemons that are catchable, refer to the guide below.
Catchable + seen data legendaries - Credits to @Neroli, @Calahan, @Shary, @Xaiyah, @Shaui, @Doax, @DarkPhase,

Q : Can legendary pokemons be shiny?
A : No, legendary pokemons are shiny locked.

Q : How do I beat x Boss?
A : Bosses can be tough, it''s best if you know their teams, so you can prepare yourself Refer to the link below, to begin your preparations!
Complete Boss guide - Credits to @Jingos

Q : I don't want to get that many pokemons to beat bosses! Any other way?
A : Yes, there is a guide for even this!
Beat every single boss, with the least amount of efforts - Credits to @PurpleMauth

What are the game's controls?
1. Walking: Arrow Keys, AWSD, Swipe Screen, Click and Drag
2. Interact with NPCs/signs: Space Bar, Tap Screen
3. Write in chats: Enter
4. Selects/confirms choices: Left Mouse Button / Numbers
5. Interact with other players: Right Mouse Button / Double Tap

How do I earn Pokédollars?
You may gain some from defeating wild Pokémon and NPCs.
You do not earn Pokédollars from PvP (player versus player) battles.

How do I re-order my team?
Drag a Pokemon at the top-left of your screen and drop it on the Pokemon you wish to swap it with.

Where can I heal my Pokemon?
You heal your Pokemon in Pokecenters as you did in original games.

How do I release/delete my Pokemon?
You can release your Pokemon in Pokecenters.
Access your PC, drag the Pokemon you wish to release in the bin and confirm it with Yes.

How do I store Pokemon?
You can swap out a Pokemon from your PC with a Pokemon in your party or simply add your Pokemon to your PC.
To do this you just have to drag and drop your Pokemon from your party into your PC.

Where can I buy Pokeballs and Potions?
You can buy items in Pokemarts as you did in original games.

How do I logout of PRO?
Whilst in-game, bring up the main menu with Escape and click on Logout.

How do I save my game progress?
Being a multi-player game that is constantly online, PRO saves itself automatically.
Once you begin to play, your progress will be saved automatically.

How do I battle another player?
You can right click a player and select Battle or write /battle user in chat.

How to trade with another player?
Same as above, you right click a player and select Trade or write /trade user in chat.
Credits : PRO Official FAQ

More questions and answers will be added later on, Special thanks to @GrandWarden for the help of making this thread.
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