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Two suggestions for Client download and for a online web browser client


Mar 6, 2017
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Last year my main desktop computer stopped working entirely (a windows 7 desktop computer) and I had to switch to my backup Windows xp which was made in 1997 unfortunately, I am also unsure of how much of the Pokemon fan population wish to play this game but have an outdated computer. My suggestion for this would maybe be a client download for any outdated computers if possible, so we can have more members play, I dearly miss playing this game and have been trying to get a new computer but living on my own is very tough at the moment to find the funds for it.

Another suggestion would be a Web Browser client that can be played on any browser, I understand how websites and gaming companies work and I know it might cost money but it could attract more players if players had easier access to the game and not have to have a windows vista+ computer to play this wonderful awesome amazing game, please and thank you. If any of those are at all possible please let me know what we the community can do to help.

I do understand this is the technical support threads but it is also part technical to me so maybe i can find hope to play this game once again, please and thank you.
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Jul 16, 2016
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Hello. You are at 2018 . Everything evolves not only Pokémons. Technology to. If you had a windows xp pentium d and a 512 mbs of any COmpany can evolve and upgrade de game even graphics or others ways. That will cost to much to others players. This game is impossible to have a browser client not even is to heavy to all computers that will cause a lot of freezes and others things., because is not dev to that even worst for a windows xp. This also is only focus on pc. So what about the Android users? They will play in a phone browser? Ofc not. This is my opinion. So is - 1 for me.