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    New Player PL/ENG

    Welcome back! :)
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    Welcome :)
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    Misstake delete

    You can request to restore your pokemon here
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    A Beginning has it Ending

    Sad to see you leaving. Welp goodluck irl, see ya
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    Accidently rleased my pancham while trying to release heracross, can it be retrieved?? plz help!

    Hello, dont worry you can still get it back. Go to this link and read everything. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/restore-pokemon-megathread.65786/
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    Resolved Evolution & Deleveling Request Megathread

    You can post it here in this link. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/evolution-deleveling-request-megathread.65725/unread
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    Resolved Eevee evolution glitch ?

    Hello, you can request to delevel your eevee in this link, just read everything. You can try to reduce the happiness of your eevee and level it up again in love island, keep the fairy move. Since espeon needs max happiness and must fight in day, the system might getting confused which to evolve...
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    Returning player from 2015-16

    Welcome back! <3 You might want to check the update logs, they write the updates of PRO there since 2k15 it will be helpful to you. Here's the link
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    Gold Server Milena Aluianti guild

    Goodluck fam <3
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    time bug?

    It isnt a bug, poketime is naturally different from Local time. Poketime is the time in game, and Local time is the time in real life.
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    Hey PRO players, and Staff

    Welcome to PRO :)
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    In 4 times win streak it is guaranteed you will get your legendary dog
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    Resolved I probably got scammed

    Hello, if he didnt return your seadra that will be counted as scamming and it is punishable, you can report it in here. Dont worry, they can give you back your seadra
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    All Servers [SOLVED] Player from 2016

    Hello, but have you already merged your account before logging in? If not please go to this and read everything https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?threads/everything-about-the-merge-general-faq-issue-faq-▶︎-read-before-making-a-merge-issue-thread-◀︎.90848/ About the difference...