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Blacklisted email providers in PRO

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Oct 23, 2014
Hello trainers;

- I recently updated the email list PRO does not support and should not resolve upon registration anymore. This is due to a massive increase in spam accounts through a single purpose mail such as temporary mail and other services that are causing several different types of issues to my staff and to an end user. Our goal is your protection and safety. The staff is able to give you full support as soon as you have access to a mail you registered with. You being unable to access the email you registered with, is not considered a secured account and a lot of problems for you may arise. This is where it is very hard to offer assistance in cases of account hijack, scams and other variables.

- Our support for such cases is very limited given the nature of a mail you registered with. You should always register with an email you are able to access any time. Like the registration page suggests. If you are to ask for help regarding this under player support, the staff will do their best to assist you on this.

- You can test a new blacklist put into place by trying to register an account with email provider you think that it should not be blacklisted. If a provider is blacklisted with us then you can request a whitelist by stating the issue in our support forums. Our dedicated staff member will respond to you as soon as they are able. Thanks for understanding. Red

Registration page: https://www.pokemonrevolution.net/register.php
Not open for further replies.