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Bug Catching Contest Event

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Dec 14, 2018
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Magic Kingdom

Hi there, everyone! I am humbly pleased to announce the start of PRO's Bug Contest Event :)
I want to wish good luck to all the participants and I really hope you all enjoy!

The purpose of this event is for everyone participating to show me your best catches from the Bug Catching Contest located in Johto.

This event will start March 2nd, 2019 and will end on March 29th, 2019 12pm GMT
~ A total of 5 winners will be chosen
~ The Best Pokemon will consist of
* IV Total (Raw total)
* Correct Nature (+ 25 Points )

* Spawn Rarity (1 - 9 x 4)
All Correct Natures of the Pokemon can be searched and found below:
Caterpie and Metapod - Modest, Timid
Joltik - Timid, Modest
Kakuna - Jolly, Adamant
Ledian and Ledyba - Jolly, Adamant
Spinarak - Jolly
Parasect and Paras - Careful, Impish, Adamant
Pineco - Adamant, Relaxed
Pinsir - Jolly, Adamant
Scyther - Adamant, Jolly, Impish, Careful
Yanma - Modest, Timid
Ariados - Jolly
Dwebble - Jolly, Adamant
Wormadam - Timid, Modest
Mothim - Timid, Modest
Butterfree - Timid, Modest
Beedrill - Jolly, Adamant
Silcoon - Timid, Modest
Cascoon - Timid, Modest, Bold
Shuckle - Calm, Bold, Careful, Impish
Heracross - Jolly, Adamant
Larvesta - Timid, Modest, Bold
Shelmet - Timid, Modest

For example: A Shelmet with an Impish Nature and and 133 Total IVs would be worth 194 points = 133 IV points + 25 Nature Points + 36 Rarity Points
While a Shelmet with an Modest Nature and 150 Total IVs would be worth 211 Points = 150 IV Points + 25 nature points + 36 Rarity Points

Please Note: My calculations will not have any regard for how much the Pokemon is worth by the actual Bug Catching Contest In-Game

~ Every Pokemon Submitted has to be your Original Trainer
~ All Pokemon caught outside the Bug Catching Area in Johto will not be counted
~ All Pokemon Submitted must have an ID after. 24493334

~ Every Pokemon MUST have an ID number. Pokemon with an 0 ID number will NOT be accepted


Down below you can submit your Pokemon entrees.
In your Entrees please state your Discord Tag and Server in your submissions!
When submitting your Pokemon, your Image of it must show that you are inside the Bug Catching Contest Rating Area being rated
Discord Tag: Juliph#9880
Server: Silver

Prize for winning Pokemon:
First Place: Reroll Ticket, 2 Coin Capsules, 100 PVE Coins and Caterpie set
Second Place: 2 Coin Capsules, Nature Reroll, 100 PVE Coins, Bug Cloak
Third Place: 1 Coin Capsule, Nature Reroll, 75 PVE Coins, and Beautifly Wings
Fourth Place: 1 Coin Capsule, 50 PVE Coins, and Dustox Wings
Fifth Place: 1 Coin Capsule, 25 PVE Coins, and Beedrill Wings

All participants will also be put into a raffle for a chance to win a shiny Volbeat or Illumise of their choosing. The winner is not server based and will be chosen at random.

Q: How will I know if I am a winner?
A: An announcement on our PRO Official Discord will be made once the winners have been decided.
You will be contacted on Discord and on the forums if you are chosen.

Q: What happens if there is a tie in scores?
A: The player that submits his Pokemon first will take the higher spot in ranking.

Q: Are the winners chosen per server?
A: No, the winners will be chosen from both servers.

Q: Can I submit more than one Pokemon?
A: Yes, you can submit as many Pokemon as you want but only the best will be counted

Q: What if me and another player has the same exact point total?
A: The Player who sumbitted his Pokemon first will rank higher than the others who have the same point total.

Q: How do I know my Pokemon is rare?
A: You can check the Rarity Tier of your Pokemon in our Discord. Type (^s PokeName) in the #bot-commands Channel


Oct 27, 2018
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