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Finished How to Livestream PRO on Twitch


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Mar 3, 2016
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Greetings fellow trainers:
I wrote a guide about this back in 2016 and due to how the streaming scene has changed it's time to provide more updated information about how to stream on Twitch.

So I won't string along a wall of text with images and information like I had in my old thread. The reason for this is streaming has become much easier to get started and there are some great people who have created videos on how to set up you're stream. So I won't be re-inventing the wheel here, but providing information to guides created by people who provide information about everything from which programs to download to setting up everything down to the specific settings.

Without further adieu let's get into the meaty stuff. Below you will find the steps needed to get set up to streaming on Twitch.

There are three points in which we will touch on and they are the following
  • Creating a Twitch Account.
  • Downloading a streaming program
  • Getting your stream to work.
  • Notifications and Overlays

Creating a Twitch Account
Creating a Twitch account is very simple and easy. If you click on this LINK you will be taken to a quick easy guide on how to create a Twitch Account.

Once you have created your account proceed to the next step which is downloading a streaming program.

Downloading a Streaming Program
So there are a few streaming programs out there to use currently. A majority of streamers use OBS which is a free program to use. You can download OBS by clicking this LINK.

Now that we have a Twitch Account and OBS downloaded lets dive into the best part of streaming. Which is getting your stream on Twitch so your viewers can watch you play PRO.

Getting Your Stream to Work
So Just last month a group of people who's main focus is to help old and new streamers get their OBS settings set up correctly to optimize their computers and provide a great streaming environment . The YouTube group called Gaming Careers have a handy set of playlists which break down setting up OBS. Their most recent video on setting OBS up can be found by clicking this LINK.

Once you have finished setting up OBS let's take a venture into setting up notifications and overlays.

Notifications and Overlays
Now that we have a Twitch account, OBS downloaded, and have OBS set to stream on Twitch let's get into Notifications and Overlays. I personally really like using Player.me. They have a great playlist which breaks down how their overlays work and how to get them into your OBS. The playlist can be viewed on YouTube by clicking this LINK and if you are already past creating the overlays and want to add them to OBS you can watch their OBS video by clicking this LINK.

Frequent Asked Questions "FAQ"
Question: Where should I stream PRO under?

Answer: Most players will stream it under Sun & Moon.
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