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Staff Guides IV, EV, nature and base stat guide


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Beyond the red mirror
IV/EV/nature guide
Basics of pokemon stats
Guide to pokemon stats
Everything you need to know regarding pokemon stats

Welcome young trainers to Professor Travok's lesson on pokemon stats. Gather round now, take your seats and get that pen and paper ready as we dive in.

There are multiple IV/EV/Nature guides on this forum but a lot of them read like books and look like one big wall of text, this can be daunting for some members especially those that do not speak English as their native language. I have made this guide to make it easier on people to understand what base stats, IVs, EVs, and natures are.

In this guide I will break down each part down into individual section to make it easier for people to find specific bits. The sections I will use are:
  • IVs
    • What they are
    • How IVs affects a pokemons stats
  • EVs
    • What they are
    • How to train a pokemons EVs
    • How EVs affects a pokemons stats
  • Nature
    • What are they
    • The different natures
    • How nature affects a pokemons stats
    • How to get a specific nature on a pokemon
  • Base stat
  • How to calculate a pokemons stat
    • Formulas used to calculate stats
    • Calculating a pokemons stats


What they are
IVs or individual value are a set upon you encountering a pokemon, these stats cannot be changed at all and there is no way to know what they are before you catch the pokemon. There are 6 different IVs, one for each: attack (ATK), defence (DEF), speed (SPD), special attack (SPATK), special defence (SPDEF) and hit points (HP). IVs can range from 1 - 31 with 1 being bad and 31 being great. The higher the IV for each stat the more that stat will be boosted.

Below is an image of a pokemons information card, the IVs are shown in orange

How IVs affect a pokemons stats

In the image above you will see that the pokemon has 25 as their ATK IV, this means that when caluclating the pokemons stats that 25 will be used as the value for IVs. If the IV was 1 it would use 1 as the value and if it was 31 it would use 31 as the value. Because of this, the higher the number for IVs the better the pokemons overall stat will be. I will go into more detail regarding this in the "how to calculate a pokemons stat" section of this guide.


What they are
EVs or effort value are something you can build up yourself. They start at 0 for each pokemon and each pokemon you beat in battle will increase the value. You can have a maximum of 510 EVs per pokemon and a maximum of 252 in a specific stat. This means that you can have 252 in two seperate stats and 4 in a third or mix and match however you want them. Each pokemon gives a specific EV each time you defeat it.

How to train a pokemons EVs
You train a pokemons EVs by battling. For every pokemon you knock out you get one or more EVs raised (until you hit the maximum amount of 510). Usually when you are going through story this means that you pokemon will end up with EVs like in the first picture, but if you learn which pokemon give which EVs and battle only them then you will end up with a pokemon like in the second picture.

Pokemon give between 1-3 EVs when defeated. Typically base form like bulbasaur give 1 EV, 1st stage evolutions like Ivysaur give 2 EVs and 2nd stage evolutions like Venusaur give 3 EVs. There are some exception though as pokemon that do not evolve differ in how many EVs they give but it is always between 1-3. You can get EV gain from both wild encounters as well as trainers.

There is an item called "macho brace" which when equip to a pokemon will allow them to gain double the amount of EVs from each pokemon defeated.

You can get a macho brace via:
  • Goldenrod city by trading with the man outside of the pokecenter. He asks for a drowsee in exchange for his machop. His machop will be holding the macho brace item. After the trade you can buy them from this NPC if you have no macho brace in you inventory, it will cost $20,000 pokedollars and will have an 18 day cooldown. You can get multiple macho braces by equiping them to your pokemon before speaking to the npc, as they are held by your pokemon it is class as not being in your inventory.
  • Macho brace can be found in multiple diggable patches in the game.
  • You can buy it for 10 PVP coins from the PVP coin master

All pokemon who participate in the battle against another pokemon will get the EV gain from that pokemon, this means that you can give the EV gain to multiple pokemon in one go. So if you encounter a Rattata (which give 1 SPD EV upon defeating it) and you start the battle by sending out a caterpie and you then switch to machop who defeats the Rattata it means that both caterpie and machop get the 1 SPD EV as they both participated in the battle.

If you accidentially train a pokemon with the wrong EVs you can fix this. There are 6 berries, one for each stat, that reduce EVs for that stat by 10 when used. They are:
  • Kelpsy berry - reduces ATK EV by 10
  • Qualot berry - reduces DEF EV by 10
  • Tamato berry - reduces SPD EV by 10
  • Hondew berry - reduces SPATK EV by 10
  • Grepa berry - reduces SPDEF EV by 10
  • Pomeg berry - reduces HP EV by 10
There are several places you can get these berries in game. They are:
  • Viridian maze. There is one plant of each berry in the maze that will drop 3-9 of the berry. There is a 4 day cooldown for these berry plants.
  • Goldenrod flower shop. You need to first defeat Pumpkin king boss to unlocked the flower shop. Once unlocked you can buy each of the berries for $3,000 pokedollars each.
  • Berry tower. This is located on route 13. You can choice between normal and elite challenge to get EV berries as rewards. You get 5-15 of any EV berry as a reward for normal challenge. You get 5 of each EV berry or 25 of one of your choice if you complete elite challenge.

How they affect a pokemons stats
When a pokemon reaches level 100 then it will receive 1 point to the final stat for every 4 EVs it has in that stat. That means that if you have 252 EVs in ATK than you boost your final ATK stat by 63 points. If you look at the two images below you will see the ATK stat of Raticate before and after it has 252 ATK EVs and how it affects it's final stat score.


As you can see, before EV training the ATK stat was 192 and after EV training the ATK stat was 255. That is a 63 point increase.


What are they
Each pokemon has a nature, the nature of the pokemon determines which stat will be boosted and which will be reduced. Nature only affects 5 of the 6 stats, none of the natures affect the HP stat so it can neither be boosted or reduced. There are 5 natures that boost and reduce the same nature and these are referred to as neutral nature. You can tell which stats are reduced and boosted by looking at the pokemons infomation card. The reduced stat is orange while the boosted stat is green. If it is a neutral nature pokemon then there will be no orange or green as the reduction and boost cancel eachother out. In the below pictures you can see that the Raticate has quiet nature, that means that SPD is reduced and SPATK is boosted and you can clearly see this by the green and orange on the stats. You can see that Genesect has Quirky nature, that means that SPDEF is both reduced and boosted and as you can see it is white like the rest of the stats due to the fact that the boost and reduction cancel eachother out.

The different natures
As you can see in the image below there are 25 different natures each boosting and reducing a certain stat. The unhighlighted natures are the neutral natures.

How to get a specific nature on a pokemon
A pokemons nature is determined randomly when you encounter it in the wild. There is a 1/25 chance of getting any specific nature. If you want a specific nature on a pokemon there is a way to increase the odds of getting the nature of you choice. If you start a battle with a pokemon that has synchronise ability, like the Kadabra in the picture below, then you have a 50% chance of the wild pokemon having the same nature as the pokemon with synchronise ability and a 50% chance of having one of the 25 natures chosen at random. This means that there is a 52% chance in total of having the same nature as the pokemon with synchronise ability as the nature the synchronise pokemon has can still be given randomly like the others.

Base stats
Base stats are the same for all pokemon of the type. I will use Raticate as an example, below is an image of the base stats for Raticate. These stats cannot change and will be the same for every raticate. These base stats are used with IVs, EVs, nature boost/reduction and the level of the pokemon to determine the final number for each of the 6 stats.

Pokemon with a base stat over 600 are banned from PvP (player vs player) battles while those with a base stat of 600 or lower are allowed (with exceptions such at uber tier pokemon), banned list can be found on this link. An example of a banned pokemon is Rayquaza who's base stats you can see below. As the total is over 600, he is banned from pvp.

How to calculate a pokemons stats

Formulas used to calculate stats
Now this is where we get technical. There are two formulas used to determine a pokemon's stats. One for HP and another for the others stats. Below are both the formulas:

HP formula

Formula used for rest of the stats

Calculating a pokemon stats
We will use both formulas above to calculate the HP stat and the DEF stat of the below pokemon. Below in the 1st picture is the information card of the pokemon with the nature, IVs and EVs. In the 2nd picture is an image of the pokemons base stats.

Calculating HP
To calculate HP we first do the EVs, so 252 divided by 4 gives us 63.
We then do 2 X 90 (base) + 27 (IV) + 63 (EV) = 270 (We don't need to times level and divide by 100 as it is level 100 they cancel each other out.)
270 + 100 + 10 = 380
And as you can see in the image above, the HP of Donphan is 380.

Calculating other stats (DEF in this case)
As with HP we calculate EVs first so 252 divided by 4 gives us 63.
We then do 2 X 120 (base) + 31 (IV) + 63 (EV) + 5 which gives us 339. (We do not need to times level and divide by 100 as the level is 100 and they cancel eachother out)
We then do 339 X 1.1 (nature, as it is a boosting nature it gives 1.1. It'll be 1 for neutral and 0.9 for reducing) = 372.9
And as you can see in the image above, the DEF of Donphan is 372 so any decimals round down.
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