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Poke Stops [ Locations & Prizes]


Feb 20, 2018
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Hello Pro Community!

This game guide will show you where the Poke Stop is and what prize you will get from Poke Stop.
The Poke Stop is usually at Murals, Sculptures, Historical landmarks, Well-known buildings and so on...
If you are Pokemon Go player, you should be familiar with these places.
Remember those locations are only available for Kanto and Johto only for now.( I believe)

There are only 20/?? Poke Stops so far.

This is What Poke Stop NPC looks like :D

If you find any new locations or new items please comments the post below( with Screen Shoot)~

Also, if you find any mistakes or any questions want to ask free feel to say :x

Hope you guys enjoy the guide :D

Cool Down: 2 Days

Requirements for Poke Stop:

-4 Badges in Kanto

- At least one poke knows Surf move

The Locations for Poke Stop:

Kanto Region

Viridian City Near the Eighth Gym

Viridian Forest

Pewter City Near the Pewter Museum

Route 3 Near the Mt. Moon Entrance

Cerulean Cave Entrance

Route 25 Near the Bill's House

Route 5 Near the Daycare House

Vermillion City Harbor

Digletts Cave Entrance 2

Route 10 Near the Power Plant

Route 10 Near the Rock Tunnel Entrance

Johto Region

Sprout Tower

Union Cave

Slowpoke Well

Ilex Forest

National Park

Burned Tower

The Glitter Lighthouse

Lake of Rage

Dark Cave

The Prize List

The Poke Stop NPC will give you two random items.

The items below will show you what items you might get from him.

Item List

  • Poke Ball
    Great Ball
    Ultra Ball
    Super Potion
    Hyper Potion
    Max Potion
    Full Restore
    Rare Candy
    Super Repel
    Max Repel
    PP Max
    Max Ether

TM List

TM 45 Thunder Wave-Power Plant

TM 24 Thunderbolt-Power Plant

Thor's quotes:

Update: Johoto region has been updated
I got heatrock from a pokestop