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Pokemon Spawn Percentages


Jan 23, 2018
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I tried asking on the discord about pokemon spawn percentages and I was told that percentages are not given out to players and that instead PRO goes off of a tier list from 1-9. No one seemed to want to answer my question as to why players aren't given percentages on spawn rates. Regular pokemon games have information regarding the percentage chance of encountering pokes in each location, so I don't see why PRO has to be so secretive about that. I think giving players that information would help them understand roughly how much grinding they would need to do to obtain a certain poke. If I know that a pikachu spawns at say route 111 at a 5% chance then I know I roughly need to encounter 20 pokes before I find one on average. Now telling me pikachu is a tier 8 on route 111 tells me literally nothing about the encounter chance or how much I should expect to grind for one. The players only stand to benefit from knowing percentages because they would be able to more effectively plan out the amount of time they should be hunting for a poke. Percentages don't take away from the hunting experience in my opinion. PRO can even keep the tier system but just attatch percentages to those tier. Like if I catch a tier 9 in lets say 10 pokes and I know tier 9 has a 1% spawn rate then I know just how lucky I got to find that poke really quickly. I would love to hear some feedback on this and some general information as to why percentages are not given out to players.


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May 6, 2018
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there is no percentage, try repel trick on a rare poke to understand that. You will find 100/100 rare poke but you will realise that it's still not ez to find...

each spawn is more like an average number of steps to do before to find the poke and they are categorized in 9 tiers, but a tier 9 can be 100% spawn or 0.1%

here you can find tons of data about spawn rate
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