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Suspicious Bot


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Dec 16, 2018
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Content staff has taken a look at that abandoned house on Dock Island... we found nothing but an old, dilapidated desktop. When we tried to boot it, it immediately summoned a trio of powerful Pokemon: Unown, Scatterbug, and Charmander, which scared us off... perhaps you, the players, will fare better? A Suspicious Bot now resides in Dock Island House 1. It is a gauntlet challenge, meaning that you will have to defeat progressively stronger teams for better rewards. You are allowed to bring three Pokemon, and the boss will select three from a pool of 138. The chances of stronger Pokemon showing up increases as you win more games. When the boss finally defeats you, rewards await!

- You earn the bot's artificial respect at 12 wins.
- The bot malfunctions and prints a certain ticket at 40 wins.
- Your name will be announced server-wide if the boss defeats you after you reach 40 wins.
- The cooldown is 48 hours for now.
- You must use the same team for your entire streak.
- The boss's sets will change from time to time in order to make room for new strategies. However, unless something extraordinarily broken shows up, I promise no changes for a week.
- Special thanks to all the testers! Join the testing discord at http://discord.gg/UTYcPzX
-As a small event, the first person to provide timestamped proof of a 40-win streak will receive a personal NPC in the house. Claimed

Please leave feedback below ^^​
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Jun 16, 2016
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A genuinely fun challenge, and a good way to earn pve coins. Much appreciated good job!


Feb 1, 2016
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good I would like to report a bug that just happened to me on the supicious bot I was on his second team first Pokémon charmander matei with garchomp after came treecko I played my skarmory with rocky helmet I used spikes and sthealth rock the treecko wore crunch on my skarmory when treecko was missing 2 hit for die used whirlwind and was changed the pokemon of the boss to tyrogue he attacked first that skarmory and used high jump kick I just stayed using roost until he died so he would win the 2 battle but when boss played treecko he did not die immediately because of field player so I used spike for him to hit me and die but when I used the move the battle ended and the boss says I lost but I was with my 3 live pokemon with all hp