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[Yellow] Shiny Turtwig

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Former Staff
Oct 2, 2016
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Auction rules:
[glow=black]-[/glow]The following pokemons are to be bought with Pokedollars only.
[glow=black]-[/glow]No false bidding. Each bid will be monitored.
[glow=black]-[/glow]Do not bid unless you have the money. No "I'll get it before the end of the auction."
[glow=black]-[/glow]You may only bid on a maximum of three Pokemon at a time. If you are outbid, you can change what Pokemon you're bidding for.
[glow=black]-[/glow]The pokemons are with Letrix and he is the one who will give them to you if you decide to buy them.
[glow=black]-[/glow]No irrelevant comments, they will be deleted swiftly.
[glow=black]-[/glow]The auctions will end in 2 weeks on Sunday the 29th 10PM GMT+0.
[glow=black]-[/glow]Starting offer is 5m. Counter offers must be at least 100k higher than the last offer.

[glow=purple]Turtwig[/glow]: BO: 6.8m by Eligos
Not open for further replies.