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    Resolved Where i can find all repel trick available pokemon?

    Hello @SpacialTimer , As @Allsmell and @Raika have pointed out, our Reborn Bot is a great tool to utilize for finding pokemon you can hunt with the repel trick. You can add the Reborn Bot to your own Discord or join our PRO Discord and use it in the #bot-commands channel. If you do not have...
  2. TrollDaddy

    Gold Server Lending issue

    Hello @ThirstyPotato , I was able to locate your lending trade with NitroTMR involving Froslass ID#2971135 and Noivern ID#26715349. NitroTMR has returned them. However, there is a lending bug that causes pokemon to disappear if sent back early. Thankfully, the pokemon will return to you once...
  3. TrollDaddy

    Resolved Potentially Missing Pokemon

    No worries, glad we could help. I will lock this thread as solved. Please continue to contact us regarding any issues or concerns regarding the game, even if they end up being like this. We are always willing to help. ~ TrollDaddy
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    Resolved Lending problem again

    Hello @Raaah , Your Infernape ID#31604243 that you lent to WiingLight is still with WiingLight. Do you have evidence that the lend period was only for 1 Day? ~ TrollDaddy
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    Resolved Potentially Missing Pokemon

    Hello @Qasar , The pokemon you are referring to are with "TherionBloodeye". You traded them to him along with a Weavile ID#13700979 on OCT 27. The trade was not a lending trade. If you have any concerns regarding this trade, please let us know. ~ TrollDaddy
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    Gold Server rapidast hallow mount

    Horon should "respawn" after a few days, allowing you to battle him again for a chance to earn the Halloween Rapidash. I will keep this thread open for now, please let me know after a few days if he does not respawn for you. ~ TrollDaddy
  7. TrollDaddy

    Lend bug

    Hello @Matherfather13 , Currently the return time for lending is bugged. The pokemon will eventually return, we appreciate your patience. I will leave this thread open for now. Please let me know when they return or if you continue to have concerns regarding this issue. ~ TrollDaddy
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    All Servers Dark Realm reset quest bug

    Hello @Brickx , This problem should have been resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience. Could you please try to re-enter the castle? ~ TrollDaddy
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    Gold Server rapidast hallow mount

    Hello @Pinkbanana , Have you completed the Dark Realm quest and caught Darkrai? First you will need to do this. Then battle Horon again without losing any pokemon to earn the Halloween Rapidash Mount. Keep in mind, Horon has a few days cooldown before you can battle him again. Please let me...
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    Hello @Allsmell , We understand disconnects from our end are very irritating and we continuously work hard to prevent them from happening. As you know, we cannot restore the lost event Sneasel. However, I can offer a hug. Next time you run into an event pokemon, I highly encourage you to...
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    Gold Server Need help ASAP ..I cant connect to the server.

    Hello @hayme , I can help you trouble shoot why you are failing to connect to the server. Are you playing from home? If you use a VPN often or change IPs, PRO could block you from connecting. To combat this, could you reset your router and try to connect again? If this does not work, please...
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    Silver Server What to do after Sinnoh?

    Hello @Specialone , Welcome back and congratulations for finishing Sinnoh! Now that you have completed the main story, there is a lot of end game content for you to explore. I will highlight some of it. Seasonal Events! Right now we have our Halloween Event ongoing. You can start the Halloween...
  13. TrollDaddy

    Silver Server TM disappeared from inventory (Ice Beam)

    Hello @kosmopolitaine , I inspected your account and can verify you indeed had a TM Ice Beam at one point and currently do not have one. I could not find it being held on any of your pokemon, either. Items disappearing is not a known bug. I appreciate your concern for the game and apologize if...
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    Hello @kenkanekii , As @ImAlerion pointed out, you will need to battle Nikola Boss to restore Azelf. You can learn all you need to know about Nikola Boss from out PRO Wiki Guide. However, if you still need assistance, please contact me with any questions in this thread. ~ TrollDaddy
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    Resolved 1 pokemon is missing

    Hello @Murdock94 , No problem about your English skills, we are glad to help. I was able to recover your Torkoal. Thank you for typing out the ID number. In the future, please use our Restore Pokemon Megathread to request a restore with the same information you provided here. Have a great day...