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Trainers Valley Revamped!

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Former Staff
Former Staff
After days of hard work, we're glad to announce that the Trainers Valley rework is finished!
I just re-opened the area, so you're free to go and visit it.

The revamp wasn't only a visual update, but also an actual content update, with new spawns and a whole new area.
But no spoilers, we'll let you explore the new Trainers valley by yourself!

All I can say is, Hoenn received a bit of love with this update as we gave its Titans some attention.
We hope you enjoy the new quest and areas!

This update wouldn't have been possible without the coordinated work of many of us in the content team, so I'd like to say thank you to everyone who contribted to this, including the testers!
See you guys again for the next content update ;)

Post scriptum : Some really minor spawn areas might not work yet, don't worry they'll be back soon™!
Not open for further replies.