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Vulcan island is back!

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It emerges yet again!

School is almost over, and that means one thing; summer is upon us, and with it, Pokemon Revolution Online's Vulcan Island! It has appeared yet again in PRO's seas and will stay for a limited time only.
In Vulcan Island, you will be able to hunt complete some quests with cool rewards, fight bosses exclusive to the area, and hunt some rare Pokemon, including the Kalos starters! But that is not all, there's a rumor that some other rare Pokemon might appear there in the future! To access Vulcan Island, you need to talk to
Sailor Dionisis in any of the port cities, and be the champion of the region you're accessing the map from:

Dionisis will take you to Vulcan Island Shore, where you can start your summer adventure. Have fun, enjoy and good luck with your hunts!
Not open for further replies.