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    Resolved whats this?

    sorry to open a thread about this but anyone can tell me what is this window that appeared in the bottom right corner of forum and how to interact with it?
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    Resolved Got dc during Battle Tower :(

    i was battling room #6 when i got disconnected obviously i got rolled back to eumi pc :( anyone can verify that and eventually reward me with my 6 Pve coins? sorry for asking without screenshots but im struggling saving up on coins and battle tower has its painful cooldown and fee
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    the SleepChomp

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    Silver Server Delete this

    Delete this
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    About the Merge [error]

    hi all! im going to keep blue account that still is in kanto as main to get all the stuff from the red that is in johto... but isnt it better to keep separates accounts and then just trade items and pokes from one account to the other one? with this doubt im not really sure anymore about what...